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HOMETOWN:  Randolph, Massachusetts
COLLEGE:  Boston University

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Hi Pats fans!  What’s on your bucket lists?

One goal I have set is to go to every continent twice (excluding Antarctica, but who knows?). I love to travel because it is empowering in that it teaches me to be more culturally competent and appreciative of the life I live as a Vietnamese-American. During the summer of 2016 I had the opportunity to go on a solo-backpacking trip to Indonesia, Thailand, and Japan. I met up with old friends and created new friendships along the way! One of the most invigorating feelings is interacting with someone who does not speak the same language as you. Establishing a connection with someone without the use of language can be truly difficult, but communicating and learning about cultures in other ways can be so rewarding!  Food is one of my greatest loves and I am fearless when it comes to trying new cuisines. Food brings people together regardless of any language barrier, and sharing that experience across cultures warms my belly and my heart.

My next trip is to Cuba and I am so excited to learn about the culture that Americans have been sheltered from for so long. As a dancer, I hope to take various dance classes and indulge in live music!

I encourage you to get out there and challenge yourself! Embrace the differences of other ethnicities and widen your perspective of the world.

Cheers from Victoria




2016 Patriots Cheerleaders photos by Robert Hare.