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HOMETOWN:  Wells/Ogunguit, Maine
COLLEGE:  Gordon College and Harvard University

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It was October 25, 2015 and the Patriots were playing the Jets. I stepped on the field of Gillette Stadium for the first time; not as a cheerleader but as a breast cancer advocate and caretaker. I was standing amongst hundreds of incredibly beautiful and kind men and women; all of whom had one thing in common - the fight against breast cancer. It was a rainy day, but I saw only smiles as breast cancer survivors prepared to be a part of an honoring ceremony where they would create a pink ribbon of hope on the field. As the Patriots Cheerleaders helped us take our places in the ribbon, the emotion of the ceremony began to heighten. I was standing next to my “Miss Pink”, breast cancer survivor and ambassador to our Miss Pink Organization, as she looked up towards the open sky, closed her eyes and began to tear up. She wasn't the only one. Other breast cancer survivors started to do the same, because in this moment they realized that they had all made it this far. For some, the battle wasn't over, but for many, they had crushed the cancer. All were part of a greater journey against breast cancer - together celebrating hope and honoring life. It was a moment for everyone to realize they were not alone. Having our Patriots fans cheering them on and showing their support for these survivors made the moment that much better. We really do have the best fans in the world!  
As the Founder of The Miss Pink Organization, I work with my team on requests that come in from the many hospitals and health facilities around New England (with the hopes of expanding). Our goal is to fulfill the needs of local breast cancer survivors and their families. These needs range from groceries, transportation to and from treatments, childcare and even finding housing for low income families that need a warm place to sleep with beds, food and clothing. We also try to partner with our community to raise awareness and to educate on healthy and active lifestyles, and also help share stories of hope.  This allows families who are battling breast cancer to understand they are not alone. For the women undergoing this disease, our goal is provide a supportive sisterhood that continuously exemplifies what true beauty is. Society tries to define beauty for women based off the exterior. We want to re-define beauty as everything they are fighting for and everything they channel from within. We celebrate these women for being heroes who are strong, courageous and determined. Most importantly we work together to make sure no one feels alone in their battle against breast cancer. If you know someone in need, please let us know at

Think Pink, Patriots Nation! 





2017 Patriots Cheerleaders photos by Robert Hare.