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COLLEGE:  Endicott College

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Hi Patriots Nation! 

My name is Nicole and I’m going share how I stay fit in an adventurous way! I love to work out at the gym, but it’s always nice to get a change of scenery. I love to hike and explore new places while getting in an awesome workout. I have been able to do this in the White Mountains in New Hampshire during all four seasons. I love that I can hike mountains in the winter for a completely different experience.  Although winter hikes can be extremely challenging, the view at the top is breathtaking. It’s great to see all that our beautiful earth has to offer which is why this past May I backpacked on the coast of California on what’s called The Lost Coast Trail.

The Lost Coast Trail gets its name because this section of land was too steep and jagged to build a road on. Because of this, the area is extremely secluded. During this excursion, I got to hike along the ocean through beautiful black sand beaches.  The views were striking, but it was no easy task.  I was carrying a thirty pound backpack the whole way while I trekked through sand and rocks for 20 miles. The terrain was certainly challenging as my feet sunk down with every step. I also got close and personal with wild seals, elephant seals and sea lions! Lucky for me, they were extremely slow on land.  I got wonderful exercise and an experience of a lifetime! 

I hope that of all the paths you choose to take, at least some of them are dirt! 

Cheers to you all and go Pats!





2017 Patriots Cheerleaders photos by Robert Hare.