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Bill Belichick Postgame Press Conference Transcript

Posted Dec 1, 2013

New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick addresses the media during his postgame press conference at Reliant Stadium on Sunday, December 1, 2013.

(opening statement)
"It went right down to the wire. They're solid in all three phases of the game. It just came down to a couple of plays, and once again I'm proud of our guys. We're making the plays we need to make. We've got good contributions from all three units, obviously the offense put up a lot of points on board and that was important. We got the stops that we needed at the end defensively and a couple big kicks from Steve (Gostkowski) and Ryan (Allen) on those units, the punt unit and field goal unit, coming through key situations so that we could execute those plays. Certainly a lot of things we need to work on to do better, but overall, proud of the team and the way they hung in there and made the plays they needed to make at the end. Hopefully we can just build on that and do a better job earlier in the game. We dig ourselves a hole and we have got to try to do a better job here when we get started instead of doing it all in the second half. It was a good offensive performance against a good defense to put up whatever it was, 20 some points in the second half."

(on what the difference was in the first and second half)
"We're not playing well, we're not coaching well enough, they're not playing well enough. We're just not doing a good enough job in any area, from opening kickoff to defense to the offense; none of it is good enough. We have to do a better job coaching and they have to do a better job playing."

(on adjustments made during halftime)
"We always make adjustments, certainly. You prepare for a game, see how it unfolds, and you make adjustments during the game, you make adjustments during the first series."

(on field goals made from a long range)
"That was a good operation by those guys. They've been consistent all year and our field goal team has been consistent protection wise. They've done a good job. There have been a lot of close calls on the rushes, but their timing and execution was on and it needed to be because those were hard kicks."

(on trusting K Stephen Gostkowsk with long range field goals)
"Well, we have confidence in Stephen. We have confidence in our whole unit. We tried one in the first half that was from 57 or 58, it was probably a bad decision on my part because we've been better off punting the ball. Just on distance, it was a tough kick. He gave it a shot, but we have confidence when we send him out there. He's come through all year for us."

(on QB Case Keenum's performance)
"They played well. You know, they were well balanced. They ran the ball, they threw it. He's an athletic guy out there. He made some good throws. They scored 31 points. They obviously gave us trouble in the red areas especially. They knocked all those in for touchdowns, except for one, but they did a good job."

(on Texans performing better than they did last week)
"They're a good football team. I don't care what their record is. They've got good players, they're well coached, they've got a good football team. I said that all week, and it's basically the same team we saw last year. They had a great record last year. They've added some guys, obviously, like (DeAndre) Hopkins and the inside linebackers and all that, but they've got a good football team and every game has been close. The last six seven games have all come down, kind of like this one, to the end."

(on RB Stevan Ridley being inactive)
"Is there any reason why? Because there were 46 other players active today."

(on trailing at halftime for the last five games)
"That's not the way we want to play so hopefully we can find a way to coach better than what I've done and see if we can find a way to get ahead."

(on scoring more in the third quarter)
"Just doing a better job. We haven't, like, reinvented the game. We've just basically done the same thing the second half we've done the first half; we've just done better. We've had some good match-ups in the second half. Josh (Boyce) did a good job of matching our personnel group and formations up. We've got some good match-ups out there. Tom (Brady) and our receivers are able to take advantage of them and we're able to keep them somewhat in a run game. Those guys did a good job and, again, that's a good defensive unit."

(on TE Rob Gronkowski's performance)
"When we get a good match-up with him, Tom has a lot of confidence in going to him. If it's not, then go to other guys. We've got a good production from the offense, our receivers, our tight ends, and our backs. We have to continue to do that."

(on breaking road game losing streak)
"It's a big plus. We've got to find a way to win on the road. Fortunately, we did it. Last three, we were kind of in a similar situation to this and didn't do it. Like I said, we got a couple of big stops defensively. We got a couple of big drives offensively when we needed them at the end and we got a couple of big kicks."

(on why it's tough for a veteran quarterback to play on the road)
"I don't know."

(on any thought to going for it on 4th and 2 or having a lot of confidence in Stephen Gostkowski)
"I mean those points gave us the lead, so I don't think you want to pass up an opportunity to take the lead in a game like that, a tight game like that. That's Steve, and Steve made it look like a good decision."

(on RB James Develin touching the ball for the first time)
"James is a tough kid. He's been dependable for us all year in the roles we've asked him to perform. Obviously he's not out there every play but whether he's been on the kicking team or defensively, he does a lot of the dirty work logging some tough assignments. He gets his hands dirty, but he does a good job with that. He's a tough, competitive guy. He's got good playing strength. He's not afraid to stick his nose in there. You need a few guys like that."

(on any concern with giving up the run)
"I don't think we played the way we need to play in any area of the team. There's plenty of room for improvement, there's no doubt about that. From kickoff coverage, to defensively giving up long drives, to not playing well in the red zone, to offensively not being able to get much in the first half. Plenty of things we need to work on. We'll get back to work on those this week."

(on Texans QB Case Keenum's performance today)
"I thought their whole team played well. He was very competitive, made some good throws, was elusive in the pocket, we had trouble getting to him a few times, managed the game well. He did a good job. The interception, I think he got hit as he threw it. It wasn't an inaccurate throw it was just he got hit. As he's usually done since he's been in there, he doesn't give the defense many opportunities to get their hands on the ball. He's managed the team well and they have some good receivers. Obviously Johnson, Martin, they have a good group."