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Patriots Postgame Quotes - 12/15/2013

Posted Dec 15, 2013

New England Patriots players address the media following their regular season game against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, December 15, 2013.

CB Kyle Arrington

(On the back and forth emotions of the game) - That's a 60-minute football game. There's going to be some highs. Going to be some lows. We just got to stick together as a team. It's all about momentum. We had some. They had some. It was a little back and forth going. But they made just enough plays to come out on top though.

(On what he saw out of Dolphins Quarterback Ryan Tannehill) - Just great perseverance. They were in some tight situations, especially late in the game where we went up, I think there was like four minutes or something left. He was able to convert on fourth down. Just great resilience and all of that. Like I said, they just wanted it more. They made more plays than we did.

(On if the Dolphins were different today than when the Patriots played them in New England) - I mean even that was a back and forth game. They had us in a dire situation, you know, 17-3 at one point. We were able to come back fortunately to make enough plays at the end of that game to win. This went the other way around.

QB Tom Brady

(On not taking care of business early in the red zone)
We didn't do a good job getting into the red area and we didn't do a good job finishing drives. It turns out we come up on the short end of the stick so it just wasn't a good day. We just couldn't make enough plays when we had a chance to.

(On the final drive of the game)
We had plenty of chances all day. We make some good plays and then we make plenty of (expletive) plays. Thank you.

WR Julian Edelman

(On the last couple of plays) - We didn't execute our plays. We have to tip our hats to Miami, they made more plays than us and we have to move on to the Ravens.

(On why they were behind that late in the game) - We didn't make enough plays as a whole; All three phases. (On not being able to lock up the AFC East) - It's tough. We have to move on to the Ravens.

(On finding space over the middle today) - We didn't find enough. We didn't make the plays when we had to and Miami did.

(On the Dolphins defensive scheme for the last four plays of the game) - They executed their plays and we didn't execute ours.

(On the Dolphins coverage on the last four plays of the game) - We have to watch the film. It looked like 'cover five' which is two-man.

(On the possibility of coming from behind for the win) - We go out there every drive expecting to execute. We weren't able to do that today. We're going to go back and watch the film, take the good from the good, the bad from the bad, all that's in between, and prepare for the Baltimore Ravens.

(On being surprised about the outcome) - Everyone is good in this league. Miami, you have to tip your hats to them. They made more plays than us today.

K Stephen Gostkowski

(On why his kicks weren't down the middle today) - I over kicked it and was trying to kill the ball. It was not a good kick at all and my timing was terrible. It was a play that I wish I could take back and it stinks to lose and have such as affect on the game.

(On his 48-yard kick) - I felt like I hit it pretty well and the weather was blowing left and right all day, and I thought if I let it leak left a little the ball would land where I planned it.

(On his overall performance today) - There were many times where I felt like I put a good swing on the ball and it was a good operation but today just wasn't my day and it stinks to play terrible and lose.

TE Michael Hoomanawanui

(On the team's performance in the last four plays of the game) - The coach called the plays and we just didn't execute. A game shouldn't come down to the last four plays; we have to play better throughout the whole game.

(On whether or not he touched the ball he attempted to catch at the end of the game) - I think I touched it but I'd have to review the film. No excuses; I should've caught it.

(On his one handed catch in the end zone) - I was trying to keep us alive and Tom (Brady) put the ball in the perfect spot so that I was able to make the play.

DE Chandler Jones

(On his goals coming into today and how they were executed as a team and individually) - The biggest goal is to win and obviously we didn't win so we just got to keep going. That's the biggest thing, we just got to keep going into Baltimore.

(On what he'll build off of for next week's game against Baltimore)
Personally, just being more consistent. I gotta do more, I gotta do more as far as getting pressure on the quarterback and being more firm in the run game personally, individually. That's what I am going to work on so hopefully I'll get better at that.

(On what happened on the last Dolphins offensive possession) - The Dolphins will call it a good play and you know hats off to them.

(On what happened during the second half that changed the momentum for the Patriots defense) - We just had to execute. Going out there they were spreading the ball and they were running the ball pretty well. Our biggest thing was to out execute them and unfortunately we didn't and they came out with the win.

G Logan Mankins

(On how much more disappointing this loss is knowing the Patriots could have clinched the AFC East today) - Yeah. It's all pretty disappointing. Especially you feel like you had enough chances to win the game. Not just that last drive, but throughout the game, we had multiple chances in the red area. Couldn't get enough touchdowns.

(On if this was one of those games where he felt the Patriots should have won and could not pull it off) - Yeah. We had plenty of chances to win. I felt like we were always moving the ball until a certain point where then we wouldn't make any plays or we'd make a mistake that would kill the drive. So it was just one of those days where you get going and then either they'd stop you or you stopped yourself. I kind of felt like we were stopping ourselves today. I'm not a hundred percent sure on that but that's what it felt like to me.

(On if he felt like the Patriots were again in the position to win the game on the last drive) - Oh definitely. I sure thought we were going to. Especially those couple shots we had at the end zone. I didn't see what was happening because I was chasing someone around, but I'd see the ball was in the end zone and I knew we were taking shots at it. So, I was just hoping one of those would come up our way.