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PFW Draft Prospect Rankings: Cornerback

Posted May 6, 2014

Patriots Football Weekly continues their Draft prospect rankings and notes with the cornerback position.

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The writers of Patriots Football Weekly have done their homework on all the prospects in this year's NFL Draft. Now, you can download the actual notes they took on all the top players, broken down by position for your convenience. Today, they offer their notes and rankings on the cornerbacks.

* - indicates underclassman

Download CB Draft Notes >>


COLLEGE: Oklahoma State

40 TIME: 4.31
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Very good KOR. Good length. Athletic playmaker. Patience and burst as returner. Breaks on ball. Aggressive when ball in air.
Good length; Physical; Looks back for ball; Great break on ball; Good hands; Tight in coverage.

40 TIME: 4.36
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Fast 3-cone. Two very productive seasons. Breaks and chases. Elite quickness and lateral movement. Fights despite small size.
Small and quick; Good ball skills; Physical, sometimes too much; Not a great tackler.
COLLEGE: Michigan State

HEIGHT: 5-11
40 TIME: 4.41
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Consistent, 3 year starter. Physical. Tackles and plays run. Aggressive.
Physical; Willing tackler; Good hands; Aggressive; Big play guy.
COLLEGE: Ohio State

HEIGHT: 5-11
40 TIME:  4.34
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Can certainly run. Closes. Fights. Hits and tackles. Undercuts routes. Doesn't always turn and play the ball.
Good speed; Good instincts; Will tackle; Physical; Sometimes loose in coverage.
COLLEGE: Virginia Tech

40 TIME:  4.4
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Versatile 4-year starter. Hits and tackles. Tracks ball well.
Great athlete; Versatile; Good size; Great closing speed; Good awareness.


Phillip Gaines, Rice
6-0, 193, 4.31

[Andy Hart] Fast 3 cone. Plays run. Hits. 4 year starter.

[Paul Perillo] Great size; Long arms; Physical; Good tackler, although needs to wrap up more; Aggressive.

Stanley Jean-Baptiste, Nebraska
6-3, 218, 4.55

[Andy Hart] Doesn't look as big as he is. Great size. Average speed. Plays run and hits. Decent breaks on ball.

[Paul Perillo] Decent speed; Will play the run; Physical; Good size; Aggressive in coverage.

Pierre Desir, Lindenwood
6-1, 198, 4.52

[Andy Hart] Very productive at lower competition level. Good speed. Good athlete. Nice size. Tracks and plays ball well.

[Paul Perillo] Impressive individual; Very athletic; Lacked competition but exceptional production.

Keith McGill, Utah
6-3, 211, 4.44

[Andy Hart] Slow 3 cone. Former FS. SPT. Long. Physical. Not quick. Questionable ball skills.

[Paul Perillo] Huge; Physical; Excellent deep coverage; Shaky ball skills; Reminds me of KC's Sean Smith.

E.J. Gaines, Missouri
5-10, 190, 4.51

[Andy Hart] Played inside and out. Puts head down on tackles at times. Hight points ball. Closes OK. Turns head to play ball downfield. Floats well in zone.

[Paul Perillo] Aggressive; Good tackler; Good hands; Comes off man well; Turns his head to play ball.

Marcus Roberson*, Florida
6-0, 191, 4.61

[Andy Hart] Health history. Good length. Physical, too much so at times. Battles big WR.

[Paul Perillo] No Comments. [Erik Scalavino] Very physical; Good size; Very aggressive; Nice fight against bigger WRs.

Lamarcus Joyner, Florida State
5-8, 184, 4.47

[Andy Hart] Hard hitter who played FS too. Too small. Aggressive and physical. Blitzes. KOR. Lot arm tackles, though. Position?.

[Paul Perillo] Small but super aggressive; Quick to ball; Used near line a lot; Plays like a safety but too small; Good KOR.

Terrance Mitchell*, Oregon
5-11, 192, 4.59

[Andy Hart] Fast 3-cone. Hits. Physical. Cocky. Lacks elite speed. Around ball a lot.

[Paul Perillo] Chippy, cocky type; Physical; Breaks hard on the ball; Good hands; Comes off man to make plays.

Rashaad Reynolds, Oregon State
5-10, 189, 4.49

[Andy Hart] Lots of plays. Eyes in backfield in zone. Fights through blocks to play run. Undersized. Shuffles out of backpedal.

[Paul Perillo] Good awareness; Athletic; Will play the run; Lacks size.

Walt Aikens, Liberty
6-1, 203, 4.49

[Andy Hart] Athletic. Also played basketball. Hands on. KOR. Cocky. Competition.

[Paul Perillo] Good size; Aggressive; Breaks strong on short stuff; Return ability.

Antone Exum, Virginia Tech
6-0, 213, 4.58

[Andy Hart] FS. Good size. SPT. Good production. Big and long. Not overly quick. Decent reads and instincts.

[Paul Perillo] Good size; Good hands; Not quick; Safety possibility.

Jaylen Watkins, Florida
5-11, 194, 4.41

[Andy Hart] Sammy's half bro. Closes. Hits. Physical. FS. Average ball skills and a little stiff. Trails too much. Scrappy.

[Paul Perillo] Good tackler; Trails on crossing routes; Jumps quick slants; Good hands/instincts; Competes.

Chris Davis, Auburn
5-10, 202, 4.55

[Andy Hart] Returner. Puts head down on tackles WAY too often.

[Paul Perillo] Aggressive athlete; Poor tackler; Dynamic returner.

Loucheiz Purifoy*, Florida
5-11, 190, 4.55

[Andy Hart] Lot of hand fighting. Returner. Blitzes. Gunner. Pretty physical with decent size. Looks like SPT and backup.

[Paul Perillo] No Comments. [Erik Scalavino] SpT potential; Athletic; Physical; Good tackler; Nice job on fades.

Bennett Jackson, Notre Dame
6-0, 195, 4.46

[Andy Hart] SPT. Drops picks. Not afraid of run support. Reaches out and grabs too often.

[Paul Perillo] Plays the run; Good tackler; Generally tight in coverage; Gets grabby at times.

Andre Hal, Vanderbilt
5-10, 188, 4.5

[Andy Hart] Average quickness and athleticism. Lacks high-end speed. Hands on. Decent breaks. Not afraid of contact. PR.

[Paul Perillo] Good tackler; Good fight; Uses hands; Closes well.

Charles Sawyer, Mississippi
5-10, 183, 4.53

[Andy Hart] FS. Versatile. High backpedal. Lof of hand fighting. Pretty physical, but too much contact. Blitzes. Playmaker. Hight points. SPT.

[Paul Perillo] Good tackler; Competitive against top SEC WRs; Physical; SpT potential.

Keith Reaser, Florida Atlantic
5-11, 189, 4.43

[Andy Hart] PR. Tackles. Physical. Double knee surgery? Aggressive. Goes and gets it. Too high tackling at times. Interesting value pick or UDFA.

[Paul Perillo] Aggressive; Good hands; Instinctive; Physical; Good athlete.

Victor Hampton*, South Carolina
5-9, 197, 4.56

[Andy Hart] Returner. Decent tackler. Undercuts routes. Hands on style. Not fast or quick but makes plays.

[Paul Perillo] Confident; Breaks underneath routes; Strong tackler; Plays with an edge.

Aaron Colvin, Oklahoma
5-11, 177, 4.51

[Andy Hart] Blitzes. Tackles. Lacks top speed. Lanky and not smooth athletically. Willing vs. run.

[Paul Perillo] Used as a blitzer; Plays slip screen well; Good hands; Physical; Plays the run.

Deion Belue, Alabama
5-11, 182, 4.48

[Andy Hart] Doesn't wrap. Nothing stands out. SS. Lot of easy picks surrounded by talent.

[Paul Perillo] No Comments.

Carrington Byndom, Texas
5-11, 177, 4.35

[Andy Hart] Faster than quick. Aggressive vs. run. Off a lot. 39 career starts. Blitzes. Doesn't high point ball downfield.

[Paul Perillo] Good tackler; Aggressive; Sits in zones well; Blitzes; Breaks well.

Osahon Irabor, Arizona State
5-10, 186, 4.71

[Andy Hart] Slow. Not quick. Aggressive vs. run. Slow in breaks. Slow, run stuffing cornerback.

[Paul Perillo] Blitzes off edge; Trails in coverage too often; Plays off; Not fast or quick.

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