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PFW Draft Prospect Rankings: Wide Receiver

Posted Apr 29, 2014

Patriots Football Weekly continues their Draft prospect rankings and notes with the wide receiver position.

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380The writers of Patriots Football Weekly have done their homework on all the prospects in this year's NFL Draft. Now, you can download the actual notes they took on all the top players, broken down by position for your convenience. Today, they offer their notes and rankings on the wide receivers.

* - indicates underclassman

Download WR Draft Notes >>



40 TIME: 4.53
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Great size. Very good speed. Uses size well. Very good in traffic and on contested balls. Playmaker.
Great size/speed combo; Quick feet for size; Strong hands; Uses body well; Fights for ball.
COLLEGE: Clemson

40 TIME: 4.43
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Playmaker. Finds holes in zone. Confident hands. Goes and gets it. Good but not elite size.
Good hands; Adjusts well; Big play ability; Breaks tackles/good YAC; Dynamic.
COLLEGE: Oregon St.

HEIGHT: 5-10
40 TIME: 4.33
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"Sonic boom." Great production. Playmaker. Decent hands. Tracks ball well. DeSean Jackson-esque.
Accelerates well; Changes gears; Big play ability; Finds gaps; Good YAC; Solid all around.

HEIGHT: 5-11
40 TIME:  4.43
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Doesn't play with elite speed. Solid all around playmaker. Doesn't always seperate.
Tough; Good speed; Hands catcher; Quick; Good route runner; Return ability.
COLLEGE: Florida St.

40 TIME:  4.61
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Huge catch radius. Goes and gets it. Not elite hands. Average speed and quickness. Tracks ball well. Can get deep.
Great size; Not a burner; Physical; Great body control; Good not great hands.


Allen Robinson*, Penn State
6-3, 220, 4.60

[Andy Hart] Great production under Bill O'Brien. Decent route runner. Lacks elite speed. Solid hands. Adjusts to ball and tracks well. Decent YAC ability.

[Paul Perillo] Physical playmaker; Good route runner; Great hands; Fights in traffic; Not overly fast.

Marqise Lee*, USC
6-0, 192, 4.52

[Andy Hart] Natural lanky athlete. Tracks ball well. Rounds routes at times. Good body control. Doesn't always create seperation.

[Paul Perillo] Good speed; Lots of shallow crosses, slants and screens; Adjusts well; Solid but unspectacular.

Cody Latimer*, Indiana
6-2, 215, 4.44

[Andy Hart] Foot injury. Good, strong hands. Makes catches in traffic. Variety of routes. Good body control. Well-rounded size, speed, hands.

[Paul Perillo] Good hands; Tough in traffic; Uses body well; Solid.

Jarvis Landry*, LSU
5-11, 205, 4.77

[Andy Hart] Soft, confident hands. Hands catcher. Plays faster than 40. Makes plays in traffic. Adjusts body well.

[Paul Perillo] Physical; Good body control; High points ball; Fights for it in traffic.

Davante Adams*, Fresno State
6-2, 216, 4.56

[Andy Hart] Good speed, decent hands, great production, makes plays, goes and gets it, sees field well.

[Paul Perillo] Good speed, size; Fights for it in traffic; Playmaker.

Paul Richardson*, Colorado
6-0, 175, 4.40

[Andy Hart] Big play production. Lanky. Decent body control and hands. VG speed. Decent all-around route runner.

[Paul Perillo] Good size; Good body control; Uses hands well; Big play guy.

Donte Moncrief*, Mississippi
6-2, 221, 4.40

[Andy Hart] Not quick. Slippery. Tracks ball well. Confident hands. Finishes plays.

[Paul Perillo] Fluid athlete; Fast; Deep threat; Faster than quick; Good size.

Jordan Matthews, Vanderbilt
6-3, 212, 4.46

[Andy Hart] Not quick. Average speed. Tracks well. Fights for ball. Very productive. Not an overly fluid athlete.

[Paul Perillo] Strong hands; Good size; Makes plays as centerpiece of offense; Versatile. , ,

Martavis Bryant*, Clemson
6-4, 211, 4.42

[Andy Hart] Great size-speed combo. Raw route runner. Not elite hands. Long strider.

[Paul Perillo] Speedster; Big play ability; Uses size well; Red zone threat; Bit of a body catcher.

Jared Abbrederis, Wisconsin
6-1, 195, 4.50

[Andy Hart] Producitive former walk-on. Average everything. Not much YAC. Takes a lot of hits.

[Paul Perillo] Consistently open; Good hands; Tough; Works outside and in slot. 

T.J. Jones, Notre Dame
6-0, 188, 4.48

[Andy Hart] Solid. Nothing elite or terrible. Adjusts to ball. Hands catcher.

[Paul Perillo] Good hands; Tough in traffic; Good footwork; solid.

Kevin Norwood, Alabama
6-2, 198, 4.48

[Andy Hart] Pretty good size-speed combo. Bigger slot guy. Solid hands and body control. High points well. VG complementary NFL talent.

[Paul Perillo] Good, strong hands; Good body control; Possession type; Gets open; Will fight for ball; Adjusts well; Solid.

Bruce Ellington*, South Carolina
5-9, 197, 4.45

[Andy Hart] Small. Quick. Raw. Returner. Decent hands. Not much route running experience. Productive and versatile.

[Paul Perillo] Versatile playmaker; Gets deep; Good hands; Athletic; Great feet.

Josh Huff, Oregon
5-11, 205, 4.51

[Andy Hart] Natural speed. Not great hands. Body catcher. Looks raw. Athletic. Not much intermediate route running.

[Paul Perillo] Fast; Bit of a body catcher; Lots of crosses, screens; Runs by guys.

Mike Davis, Texas
6-0, 197, 4.52

[Andy Hart] Naturally quick. Decent hands. Tracks ball well and adjusts. Gets behind guys deep.

[Paul Perillo] Smooth; Good body control; Screens and go routes; Good speed; Tracks ball well.

Ryan Grant, Tulane
6-0, 199, 4.64

[Andy Hart] Inconsistent hands. Goes and gets ball. Doesn't put ball away. Great catches and bad drops. Makes plays.

[Paul Perillo] Shaky hands; Good YAC/Cuts well; Not always open/no separation; Physical and fights for ball well.

Devin Street, Pittsburgh
6-3, 198, 4.55

[Andy Hart] Solid production. Shoulder injury. Doesn't play overly quick or fast. Strong hands. Rounds routes.

[Paul Perillo] Good size; Not fast; Good hands; High points ball; Gets open.

Brandon Coleman*, Rutgers
6-6, 225, 4.56

[Andy Hart] Big and long. Big plays. Not quick but OK speed. Uses size well. Hands catcher.

[Paul Perillo] Big target; Lumbers; Good hands; Physical red zone threatl TE-type.

Tevin Reese, Baylor
5-10, 163, 4.46

[Andy Hart] Fast Combine 3-cone. Plays fast. One-trick pony. Frail frame. Meh hands. Not route running. Bobbles.

[Paul Perillo] Great speed; Runs by people; Made plays but was uncovered a lot; Mostly deep stuff.

Shaquelle Evans, UCLA
6-1, 213, 4.51

[Andy Hart] Great build. Adjusts to ball. PR. Hands catcher. Not overly quick. Decent body control and YAC.

[Paul Perillo] Good size; Physical; Not overly fast or quick; Good hands; Doesn't get open; Average.

Dri Archer, Kent State
5-8, 173, 4.26

[Andy Hart] Elite speed. RB. Can catch. Goes down easy. Too small. No real position other than maybe returner.

[Paul Perillo] RB with good hands; Dynamic KR ability; Possible third-down type?.

Michael Campanaro, Wake Forest
5-9, 192, 4.46

[Andy Hart] Good production. Savvy, scrappy. VG hands. Less quick version of Welker.

[Paul Perillo] Small and quick; Great hands; Versatile overachiever; Edelman-like.

Cody Hoffman, BYU
6-4, 223, 4.65

[Andy Hart] Good production. Tall and lanky. Goes and gets ball. Not explosive. Posession guy. Goes down easy.

[Paul Perillo] Big target; Tough in traffic; Gets leverage; Physical; Not much YAC.

L'Damian Washington, Missouri
6-4, 195, 4.46

[Andy Hart] Body catcher. Punt gunner. Not confident hands. No high points. Long strides.

[Paul Perillo] Great size; Tough; Good body control; Physical; Good speed; ST ability.

Josh Stewart*, Oklahoma State
5-10, 178, 4.69

[Andy Hart] Not elite speed. Productive PR. Scrappy. College guy with limited potential.

[Paul Perillo] Slot type; Good hands; Decent speed; Good PR; Good shake/YAC.

Marcus Lucas, Missouri
6-4, 218, 4.60

[Andy Hart] Slot. Not fast or quick. Doesn't play big. Solid hands. Makes some plays. Long strider.

[Paul Perillo] Good size; Not fast; Good hands; Makes some plays; Good routes.

Jalen Saunders, Oklahoma
5-9, 165, 4.44

[Andy Hart] Slot guy. Tiny. Lot of work middle of field. Future as a punt returner.

[Paul Perillo] Quicker than fast; Slot type; Big play guy; Dynamic PR; Playmaker.

Jeremy Gallon, Michigan
5-7, 185, 4.49

[Andy Hart] Not overly fast or quick. Good route runner. Decent hands.

[Paul Perillo] Small, quick; Good hands; Great double move against Alabama; Finds holes.

Erik Lora, Eastern Illinois
5-10, 203, 4.56

[Andy Hart] Big production. Not elite FB speed. Decent YAC. Finish plays. High points. Lot of work middle of field. Gets behind defense. Scrappy.

[Paul Perillo] Small; good hands; Makes plays; Lots of YAC; Good footwork; Lots of screens, slants.

Tracy Moore, Oklahoma State
6-1, 204, 4.56

[Andy Hart] Thick. Not quick. Not fast. No seperation. Finishes plays. Decent hands.

[Paul Perillo] Physical; Tough; Not fast; Good hands; TE-like; Uses body well but no separation.

Eric Ward, Texas Tech
5-11, 199, 4.54

[Andy Hart] Good hands. Not explosive. Fights for ball. Slippery weaver. One handed catches.

[Paul Perillo] Good hands; Fights for it in traffic; Not dynamic; One-handed catches; Slot type.

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