Hi Patriots Nation!

One of my favorite things about New England is its serene natural beauty; something I’ve been lucky enough to experience and enjoy my entire life while growing up on a lake in Connecticut. Living on a lake means there’s a different activity for every season and an evolving view as the months go by.


Summer is my favorite time on the lake and always has been. My family and I love starting mornings on the dock, sipping coffee and soaking in the early sun. We end the day in the same spot, but this time with an incredible pink sunset over the water. During the hours in between, we spend as much time in, around and on the water as possible. Growing up I swam everyday while on our local swim team and life guarded at the beach in high school. I now much prefer to paddle board along the shore or pick up some speed wake boarding. Some of my favorite memories are in my backyard, the gathering spot for many of our friends and neighbors, just hanging out on the lake.

What many people don’t realize is that the colder months are also a beautiful time to be near the lake. Fall foliage along the shoreline bursts with incredible color reflected on the water, and in winter it turns into a frozen sheet perfect for ice skating and cross country skiing. It has given me so much appreciation for nature’s beauty. I can’t imagine growing up anywhere else.

Cheers & Go Pats!

-Kelsey Z

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