Hi Pats Nation! 

I have always enjoyed freestyle writing and one of my favorite ways to express that passion is by journaling. I find writing every day is good for the mind and soul just like yoga or meditation and it’s an activity I can take anywhere. Currently I have fourteen years of memories filled in five journals. These pages contain everything ranging from post-graduation, goal setting, all the way back to fourth grade crushes. Not only is writing a great way for me to organize my thoughts but it’s also a fun way to reflect on years of memories.


Almost all of my journals are from family, friends, or teachers. It is a great gift to have kind words of inspiration written on the front pages from people I love. My travel journal was a college graduation gift from my best friend. Each time I fly somewhere I bring it with me and write where I’m going and what I would like to do there. On my flight back home I like to jot down my favorite stories and places from the trip. 

You can bet I will be writing as much as I can about every experience this season with the Patriots! Go Pats!