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10 tricks to avoid a Halloween hangover

It's easy to indulge in a little too much candy this week, but these tips will help you from going overboard on the sugary treats.

Kayla and Nicole pose with a fan at the Lilac Mall.

In a 2012 survey, a majority of American parents reported that their children received more than 50 pieces of candy on Halloween and almost a quarter of those polled said their kids had collected upwards of 100.

So, with all the sweets going around how do we make the most of this fun holiday while not sacrificing health and wellness? Here are 10 tips to keep your hands out of the cookie, er, candy jar this year.

  1. Eat a good meal containing fat and protein before heading out to trick-or-treat, or before you start manning the door to hand out candy.
  1. Drink water...before, during, and after trick-or-treating.
  1. Buy Halloween candy the day you plan hand it out.
  1. Buy a type of candy that you don't like, or give out gum.
  1. Keep candy off the counter; you will be less likely to pick at it.
  1. Freeze it. You can use any leftover candy to decorate Gingerbread houses during the holiday season.
  1. Donate extra candy to the troops or participate in a candy buyback with your dentist (find a location at
  1. Consider giving out something other than candy, such as yo-yos, funky pencils, glow sticks or sidewalk chalk.
  1. Keep the candy out of your child's room and away from pets.
  1. Brush your teeth and tongue to get that sweet taste out!

*Have a question for Dr. Debra Foschi, nutritionist for the Patriots Cheerleaders? Let us know at *

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