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4 takeaways from Duron Harmon's 'Patriots Off Topic' interview 

Duron Harmon stopped by "Patriots Off Topic" this week, and this is what we learned. 

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On the second episode of "Patriots Off Topic," a new Patriots podcast, Duron Harmon swings by the studio to talk about everything from his favorite shows to his event for Autism Speaks at the end of September.

Here's what we learned from a conversation with Duron.

He's bringing back karaoke night. It's been a few years since a Patriots player hosted a karaoke night fundraiser, but this September, Duron and his wife Christine are bringing it back to benefit Autism Speaks. Though he said he doesn't have a go-to karaoke song, Duron said he's excited for people, including his teammates, to come out and enjoy the night. Some of the proceeds from the night will go towards starting autism screenings locally.

His wife, Christine, is a party planner. When it comes to events and parties, Christine has it under control. She is helping to plan the karaoke night, but she also runs her own party planning business. Duron told stories of some of the more intricate parties she's thrown, including a "Jaws" themed birthday party for their son.

He's still not over how "Game of Thrones" ended.
Honestly, is anyone? He said he was disappointed with the ending of the series, and if he could have put anyone on the Iron Throne, it would have been Sansa.

"She's a bad mamma-jamma. Let's just leave it at that," he said.

Superhero movies are a family experience.
Duron has two sons, and with his oldest son, superhero movies are a way to bond. Now that his youngest son is getting older too, they are both getting into the world of superheroes, especially Marvel.

Though he had to see "Avengers: End Game" a second time, Duron said he may or may not have dozed off for a few minutes. Between a reclining chair, food and a dark theater, it was bound to happen.

"That's a recipe for a nap," Duron said. "An expensive nap for sure."

Be sure to listen to this interview in full on Patriots Off Topic. You can find it on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Stitcher. Patriots Off Topic is released on Fridays. Subscribe now so you don't miss any of the behind scenes actions with your favorite Patriots players.

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