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5 things we learned about Rob Gronkowski on 'Patriots Off Topic' 

Rob Gronkowski stopped by "Patriots Off Topic," and this is what we learned from the conversation. 


Rob Gronkowski is only a few months into retirement, but he has been keeping plenty busy. He stopped by the Patriots Off Topic studio to catch up on what he's been up to. Here are something we learned from Gronk's interview.

Keeping his mind busy.
Though he is no longer playing football, Gronk said he needs to keep his mind sharp. Between corn hole technique and a new found love for puzzles, Gronk is staying on top of his game.

He spent some time in Australia.
Gronk said he spent 10 days in Australia recently, and though he picked up an incredible Australian accent, the slang was a little bit trickier. People on the street called him a "big unit," he said. As it turns outs, it means just a big, muscular dude, so they're not wrong.

Brotherly business.
Gronk's brother, Chris, appeared on "Shark Tank" a few years ago, pitching his Ice Shakers. Ultimately, Alex Rodriguez and Mark Cubban invested in the company, and Gronk said Alex recently sold his share. Now, Gronk is an investor in his brother's company.

Reflecting on his legacy in New England.
Throughout his career, spending time in the community was a huge part of the picture, and that hasn't changed. He spoke a bit about what his reputation in the community has meant.

"Just having that legacy here that's going to be around for a while, you just want to keep on giving back. I'm in the position where I can make an impact on the community with my name, with my presence. It's cool to go out there and use it in a positive way."

Definitive travel rules.
When it comes to traveling etiquette, there are certain no-nos and questions, but Gronk laid down the law when it comes to who gets the arm rests on an airplane. "Middle seat gets both arm rests." We don't make the rules, but Gronk does. And that is that on that.

"Patriots Off Topic" is released every Friday wherever you listen to podcasts. You don't want to miss this one.

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