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5 ways to celebrate National Dessert Day, Patriots style

You may have thought that Oct. 14 was just another ordinary day, but in fact today marks the all-important holiday of National Dessert Day. In honor of this oh-so-sweet celebration, we're sharing five of our favorite Patriots-inspired treats.

1. Flying Elvis pancakes

Whether it's breakfast or breakfast for dinner, you can celebrate your favorite team with Flying Elvis pancakes. See how to make them in the video above.

2. Red, white and blue Oreos

Put a spirited spin on the classic treat with colored frosting, just like top pastry chef Joanne Chang.

3. Gingerbread Patriots


Fall is here and so is gingerbread everything – including Patriots. Decorate your gingerbread men with red, white and blue jerseys and the numbers of your favorite players.

4. Football cake pops


Cake pops can easily be turned into mini football treats for game day. All it takes is chocolate frosting and a white candy pen. Get the recipe here.

5. Patriots pie


Transform a plain lattice pie crust into a display of team pride with some creative cutouts.

Have a winning game day dessert recipe?Share it with us for a chance to be featured on Patriots Lifestyle! And don't forget to sign up for our Lifestyle newsletter for game day party ideas plus all the latest off-the-field news about your Patriots. 

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