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6 awesome moments from the Patriots White House visit

Check out behind-the-scenes photos of the New England Patriots traveling to the White House.  On the way the team made a stop at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

1. The President joked about Bill Belichick's attire
Our always stylish head coach showed up to the White House in a sharp suit, but the President joked that they had scissors ready for him, just in case. 

2. President Obama made fun of DeflateGate – and got booed
The President got a lighthearted jeer and thumbs down from Coach Belichick when he made a DeflateGate reference. 

"I usually tell a lot of jokes at these events, but with the Patriots in town, I was worried that 11 out of 12 would fall flat," he stated. 


3. Gronk got a shout-out
The President gets briefed about everything – including Rob Gronkowski's love of a good party, it seems. 

"I told him to keep his shirt on," President Obama joked.

4. The President praised the team's dedication to community service
He even commended the Patriots Charitable Foundation's Boston Marathon runners for raising more than $225,000.

*5. Mr. Kraft presented the President with a signed helmet *
President Obama admitted, "I need a helmet, no doubt about it," referencing his struggles with Congress. 


6. The team paid tribute to military heroes
Before all the jokes on the South Lawn, Mr. Kraft, Coach Belichick and a number of players visited Walter Reed Army Medical Center. 

"Those are the real heroes today and every day for us, that protect our freedom," Coach commented. 

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