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63 things we love about Coach Belichick


Today, Bill Belichick is 63 years young. In honor of Coach's birthday, we're counting down the things we love most about him. 

  1. 40 seasons as an NFL coach
  1. 233 career wins
  1. 21 playoff victories
  1. 196 wins with the Patriots
  1. Six conference titles
  1. Tom Brady (hey, he drafted him!) 
  1. Longer PATs
  1. Football history lessons in Friday press conferences
  1. True leadership 
  1. 21 consecutive wins in 2003 and 2004
  1. Ineligible receivers
  1. Hoodies
  1. "Do your job"
  1. The 16-0 season
  1. Halloween costumes…
  1. for all ages
  1. 12 division titles
  1. Dedication to giving back
  1. The Belichick smile
  1. and babies… 
  1. and dogs 
  1. Associated Press NFL Coach of the Year award, 2003
  1. Cameras on the goal line (fingers crossed!)
  1. Dedication to bike safety
  1. Associated Press NFL Coach of the Year award, 2007
  1. Visors
  1. His boat - V Rings... or make that, VI Rings
  1. Associated Press NFL Coach of the Year award, 2010
  1. Yearbook and MyFace
  1. Cut-off sleeves
  1. Endless memes
  1. Trading down on draft night
  1. Being a good role model for school kids everywhere
  1. Three Pro Football Weekly Coach of the Year awards
  1. Three Super Bowl championships in four years
  1. That hair 
  1. Seriously, though, that was some great hair 
  1. Love for his players
  1. No back-to-back timeouts allowed
  1. "We got outplayed…outcoached"
  1. B.B., the college years 
  1. $100,000 in scholarships and grants given through the Bill Belichick Foundation last year
  1. One of Time Magazine's 100 most powerful and influential people in the world, 2003
  1. "It is what it is"
  1. Influence on Tom Brady's sense of style 
  1. Ability to transition from daywear to eveningwear in a snap
  1. "On to…"
  1. Best Coach award at the 2004 ESPYs
  1. Being a fashion trailblazer
  1. $10,000 raised by the sale of his Bill Belichick Foundation hoodie
  1. "Do business as business is being done"
  1. The poker face
  1. "It's not how you got here it's what you do once you are here"
  1. This
  1. Super Bowl XXXVI
  1. Super Bowl XXXVIII
  1. Super Bowl XXXIX
  1. Super Bowl XLIX
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