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7 Patriots-inspired foods for your 4th of July party


Football season might be a couple months away, but you can show your Patriots pride 365 days a year. As you gear up for that big 4th of July barbecue and other summer parties, pay tribute to your favorite team with these fun foods.

1. Diane Gronkowski's buffalo chicken wing dip

Cook up one of Gronk's all-time favorite snacks, his mom's buffalo chicken wing dip. Creamy and spicy, the dip is easy to make and can be served hot or cold.


2. Patriots pizzas

Display your passion for the Patriots on a pizza this 4th of July. As one fan showed us, peperoni and other toppings can be arranged into the team logo or your favorite player's number.


3. Avocado ice cream
Take a page from Tom Brady's book with this dessert, which his "body coach" Alex Guerrero has listed as one of the homemade treats health-conscious Tom occasionally indulges in.


4. Crepes
If avocado ice cream just won't cut it, then channel Julian Edelman and whip up some crepes. The wide receiver's mom recently told us that he's a great cook – although we knew that from his Smoothie Tyme videos – and crepes are one of his specialties.

5. Jerk chicken
Jamaican-born safety Patrick Chung has declared his love for his country's most famous dish more than once. Spicy and grilled up to perfection, jerk chicken is a great addition to a summer barbecue.


6. The Brady Burger
Burger expert Julian Edelman played coy when we asked him what the JE11 Burger would be, but he didn't hesitate to come up with a recipe for his best buddy: tofu, no bun and almond cheese. It might not be as popular as a beef patty served with lots of cheese and crispy bacon, but hey, if it's good enough for Tom, it's good enough for us!


7. Gronk-amole
We love this fun twist on guacamole that a fan shared with us. It'll definitely bring some of that Gronkowski flair to your 4th of July party.

Have another Patriots-inspired recipe you're preparing for 4th of July weekend? Share it with us at and be sure to check out more fun food on our Pinterest boards.  

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