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7 things we learned about Drew Bledsoe during our Twitter chat


Former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe lives on the west coast, but the long-time fan favorite was back in New England yesterday for a special event with his wine label, Doubleback. While he was in town, we had him take over our @Patriots Twitter account to answer questions from fans.

Here are some of our favorite facts from the Q&A. You can read more by searching #AskDrew on Twitter.   

  1. Back in the day, Drew fell victim to Scott Zolak and Todd Rucci's hijinks.

2. But he had his own pranks, too.

3. Drew prefers the vintage Pat Patriot logo to the newer Flying Elvis.

  1. He knows he can beat buddy TB12 in a sprint.  

5. He may have retired from the NFL, but he's definitely staying busy.

6. He would have loved to throw to Rob Gronkowski during his playing career.            

7. His childhood heroes were Elway and Marino.

For more about Drew's career as a winemaker on the west coast, read our interview with him on Patriots Lifestyle.

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