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8 things you need to know from Gronk's Twitter chat

There's no denying that Gronk is a man of the people. Fans love him and he loves them right back. (If you need a reminder of why, check out the87 reasons we love Rob Gronkowski.) And this afternoon, Gronk took some time out to answer questions from his legion of followers on Twitter. Here's what we learned. 


1. If he weren't in the NFL, he would've worked in fitness.
Are you sure, Gronk? Because that's not what you told us last year.

2. His favorite place to play is Lambeau Field.
Only after Gillette Stadium, of course!

3. Momma Gronk's chicken soufflé is his favorite meal.
Another favorite is her buffalo chicken wing dip. (And no, her name is not Sue. It's Diane.)


4. Gronk plus puppies "would be so cute!!"
How about a re-do of the famous kitten photo shoot?

5. He knows he's not the only NFL player with great dance moves.
Cam Newton is just as good, so he says.


6. He needs a new Minion hat.
At the end of the Patriots championship parade, Gronk threw the now-famous beanie into the crowd.

7. He wears a size 16 shoe.
Insert joke here.


8. He and Chandler Jones are best buddies.
Chan got in on his buddy's Twitter chat, just days after we released video of him being a bit of a Gronk "groupie" at a recent home game. Watch out, JE11!


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