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87 reasons we love Rob Gronkowski


Today marks a very important day in Patriots history, the day the one and only Rob Gronkowski came into the world, 26 years ago. As Gronk celebrates his birthday, we're celebrating the 87 reasons we love him – although, let's be honest, there are a lot more than that. 

1. 55 career touchdowns

2. Six career postseason touchdown receptions

3. Pro Bowl selection, 2014

4. The Gronk Spike


7. Dedication to helping youth athletes with the Gronk Nation Youth Foundation

9. Spokesman for the One Mission Buzz Off since 2012…


10. helping raise $3.2 million and supporting 1,000 pediatric cancer patients and their families each year…

11. and making the commute a lot less boring for drivers around Massachusetts.


12. Pro Bowl selection, 2012

13. Most touchdown receptions by a rookie in Patriots history (10)

14. He's too fast and athletic to be covered by a linebacker.

15. He's too big to be covered by a safety.

16. He can pull off a feather boa,


17. or a crazy wig.

18. His generosity on Halloween

19. Most receiving yards by a tight end in a single season (1,327 in 2011)

20. Push-ups


21. and core workouts

22. and so many shirtless pics…


23. …

24. even way back in the day

25. He can rock a shirt and tie too, 


26. and isn't afraid to make a fashion statement every once in a while.

28. Aren't they so cute together?


29. Fastest tight end in NFL history to reach 50 career touchdowns (59 games)

30.* *Appreciation for all the Patriots "sexy" linemen

31. Pro Bowl selection, 2011

32. Magic Mike? More like Magic Gronk

33. Love for New England's other teams

34. Two-time Pepsi Rookie Player of the Week, 2010

35. Happy Gronk


36. Serious Gronk


37. Funny Gronk

39. The breakfast of champions 


40. AP Comeback Player of the Year, 2014

42. So 


43. Much

  1. Family 

45. Love.

  1. First tight end in NFL history with three straight 10-plus touchdown seasons

47. Most 10-plus touchdown seasons in Patriots history (4)

48. Gronk hates losing

49. but he really loves Patriots fans

50. and they return the favor. 


51. Devastating blocking

52. A pretty touchdown in Super Bowl XLIX

53. Throwing former-Colts safety Sergio Brown "out of the club."

54. Those dance moves

55. They just keep getting better and better.

56. The on-the-field version is good too.

57. It never gets old. 


58. The T-shirt battle with JE11

59. PFW/PFWA Comeback Player of the Year, 2014

63. Most touchdowns by a tight end in a single season (18 in 2011)

64. The first CD he ever bought, "Backstreet's Back" by the Backstreet Boys 

66. The "little nutcracker dude" touchdown dance at Wembley 


69. Foreign language skills

71. First tight end to ever lead the conference in scoring (108 points in 2011)

72. Played every offensive snap during Super Bowl XLIX

73. Life skills

74. He hasn't forgotten his roots.

75. **[](

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