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Apparently it takes 20 people to beat Gronk on the gridiron

Find out what happened when Rob Gronkowski appeared on the TV competition "Beat the Champions" Tuesday night.


He might not always win when it comes to playing giant board games, but Gronk is pretty hard to beat on the football field.

Last night, Fox aired "Beat the Champions," a game show starring your very own Rob Gronkowski as well as Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin and NBA legend Scottie Pippen. On the show, ordinary people compete against sports stars for a chance to win $175,000. The catch is that the pros are given some wacky handicaps to help level the playing field.

Gronk faced John Flores, a minister, family man and former high school football player from California, who had the huge task of stopping the Patriots tight end from scoring a touchdown. Unfortunately for John it was double Gronkowski trouble, as older brother Dan stepped in to play QB.


In round one, with the playbook revealed, John couldn't stop Gronk from catching Dan's pass. In the second round, even while wearing handcuffs, Gronk got it done. Finally, in the third round, he was beat – after a choir of 20 people came out for some divine intervention. John walked away with $25,000


Gronk will be back on primetime TV later this month, when he competes on "Celebrity Family Feud" with his dad and brothers.


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