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Arrington's agent files lawsuit against NFLPA

NEW YORK (March 23, 2006) -- Agent Carl Poston has sued the NFL players' union, challenging a two-year suspension over the handling of LaVar Arrington's contract extension with the Washington Redskins in 2003.

The lawsuit filed March 20 in U.S. District Court in Manhattan came after Poston was disciplined by an NFL Players' Association committee during the union's meetings earlier this month in Hawaii.

The dispute centers around a $6.5 million bonus that Arrington claimed was left out of his contract by the Redskins.

According to the lawsuit, the disciplinary action wasn't handled as mandated by the union's rules and it was filed beyond the one-year limit set by those rules.

In the lawsuit, Poston argued that he or his lawyer should have been allowed to appear before the disciplinary committee to contest the accusations and an independent arbitrator should have been appointed to handle the dispute.

Arrington reached an agreement with the Redskins earlier this month that allowed him to become a free agent. He has said he will keep Poston as his agent.

Richard Berthelsen, a lawyer for the players' union, said Poston had challenged the players' union once before with a lawsuit.

"This is the second time he's challenged the procedures, and I believe it will be the second time he will fail in such a challenge," he said.

Paul Aloe, a lawyer for Poston, said in a statement that the agent wasn't granted "basic fairness, nor due process." Aloe said the lawsuit would seek to ensure that Poston receives a fair hearing.

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