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Bears Postgame Quotes

Chicago Bears players comment on their game against the New England Patriots at Soldier Field on Sunday, December 12, 2010.

On the playing conditions
"There were some gusts from time to time, but other than that it wasn't that bad."

On how the team responds after such a loss
"You have to learn from it. That's an elite team there and to get where we want to go those are the teams we have to beat; we've got to compete with. It's little mistakes out there and those things add up in a hurry, especially against a team like that."

On still leading the division
"We can't count on other teams. We have to take care of our business. We have to win games. We don't want to slide in the backdoor. We want to be playing our best football right now so we can make a serious run at this."

On whether loosing big is better than losing a heartbreaker
"A loss is a loss. We've played really good football up to this point and this is going to be a setback for us, we've got to take a look at it and learn from it. At the same time we've got to get ready to play Minnesota. We've got to get ready for a tough road game against a division opponent. We've got to gear it back up. We've got to get to playing good football again."

On whether New England was the best team he's played against this year
"I think so. The way Tom's [Brady] playing, they put points on the board. They put a lot of pressure on the opposing offense. If you don't convert third downs, if you don't sustain drives, if you have any turnovers they're going to take advantage of it. Any little opening they make you pay for it. That's what really good teams do. If we want to play with them we've got to do the little things right.

On the field conditions
"We could have been playing anywhere, didn't matter what the field was. It didn't matter what kind of grass we had down there. As much snow fall as we had it was going to be tough."

On the team's goal for the second half
"You want to score points. You want to score points as fast as possible, but there is no 33-point play out there. We had to take what they gave us. We came up short; we came up short in a lot of areas."

On Brady's play
"You know, that's why he's the best in the league right now. No doubt about it. They way he commands that offense. The line has been together a long time. Their skill positions probably isn't as good a group as he's had in the past, but he's still completely dominating. It's tough to watch when you're going against him because he is so good."

On whether the Park District contacted him after his mid-week comments
"They didn't call me. I think Pep said something about it, too. It is what it is. They can say that the field is good. The field had no effect on the outcome today. We got beat by a very, very good team. Whether we were on turf or not it wouldn't have mattered."

On the pressure of competing against Brady
"You know, you want to try and keep pace with them. It's the only way to play with them. You know they're going to move the ball. They put up points each and every game. They're number one in scoring. If you don't convert third downs, if you have any turnovers you're going to be in the hole. It's tough to climb out of that."

On the outcome of the game
"The Patriots came out prepared and ready to play. We've got to put this game behind us and prepare for Minnesota."

On the play of the Bears offense
"We couldn't get a rhythm going today. We've got to get back on the practice field and work on preparing for next week. It's a tough loss to swallow, but we have to keep moving forward."

On the Patriots score just before the half and its impact on the team
"They got a touchdown on one play at the end of the half; that's not playing good football on our part. We went into the half with a huge deficit, continuing to dig holes."

On the effectiveness of the Patriots play
"They played a much better game. Sometimes you need a good whipping and that's what we got. A good whipping helps us get ourselves back to where we need to be. A loss like this can be good if it comes at the right time."

On the loss
"The reality is we got our butts kicked and we're still in first place. We'll watch film and learn from it, but we're still in first place in the NFC North and that's where we wanted to be when the season began… The Patriots are the best team in the AFC. They came in here, our field, our weather, and pounded us."

On the play of Tom Brady
"Tom Brady is the best QB in the NFL. We knew it coming in and this game just confirmed it."

On the play of the Patriots given the weather conditions
"It looked like the weather didn't affect them at all. We didn't expect this result. We had a good week of practice. A good first series, we forced them three-and-out. From there, they had a couple of long scoring drives. Brady threw the ball well."

On the play of the team
"We we're outplayed today. We'll make corrections and move on to Minnesota tomorrow. We need to get better, a lot better, quicker."

On playing in the weather conditions
"I think the weather was obviously a factor. I don't know how much of a factor it was. Both teams played on the same surface, with the same weather conditions, so we're not going to make excuses because of the weather."

On the play of Tom Brady
"He's a great player, he made plays. Tom had a great day throwing the football."

On the degree of difficulty in rebounding from the loss to the Patriots
"In my opinion, it'll be easy to regroup and prepare for next week. We have a lot of high character guys on this team. We'll put this game behind us and come back this week with a positive attitude, prepared to work hard. As a team, we're committed to hard work."

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