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Belichick, Bledsoe, and Andruzzi Speak to the Press

Head Coach Bill Belichick was joined by Drew Bledsoe and Joe Andruzzi in back to back press conferences from Foxboro Stadium.

9/12/2001 Press Conferences

Members of the New England Patriots spoke to the press from Foxboro Stadium the day following the tragedy on September 11th, 2001. Head Coach Bill Belichick and Quarterback Drew Bledsoe both commented at length on how the team as a whole is reacting to the events and how they may affect preparation for the upcoming games.

Guard Joe Andruzzi spoke tearfully about how his family was touched by the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York. Two of his brothers are New York City firefighters and were called to the scene of the disaster. In the line of duty, he said that one of his brothers was on the 20th floor of the first tower that was hit when the second tower collapsed. Helping a fellow firefighter to safety, Andruzzi's brother was able to make it to safety.

At times during the press conference Andruzzi held tightly to the podium and struggled to hold back the tears. When he was finally able to reach his brother on Tuesday afternoon, he spoke of the tremendous relief tempered with trepidation as other close friends who are also firefighters remain unaccounted for as of Wednesday afternoon.

At the time of this writing no decision has been announced as to whether the NFL will suspend games for the upcoming weekend.

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