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Bill Belichick Post-Game Press Conf - 10/13/2002

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BB: It was obviously a real disappointing performance we had out there today. It was a lot of bad football. Didn't really think we did much of anything else, certainly with the penalties and the turnovers, but spread it into just inadequate play in all three areas of the game, offense, defense, special teams. We have two weeks until we play again. I think we need to start all over and that is what we are going to do. We just need to start all over. There is not much good in that game. So that is about it. Just a bad performance, bad.

Q: Bill, how do you account for the penalties? Last year you had 127 --

BB: I wish I had an answer to it. I emphasized that we know that this is a bad way to play. We have no chance playing like this. If that is the way it is going to be every week, we play like that, that is the way it will be every week.

Q: What is a coach to do?

BB: Start all over.

Q: Why were you so effective offensively the first three games and so ineffective the last three games?

BB: That is a long time ago. That is a long time ago.

Q: I mean that's a drag --

BB: Right now we are where we are and, obviously, we need a pretty good overall on everything because there is not much good going on out there in any phase of the game. We just need to start all over again.

Q: Coach, talk about that backward pass to Faulk (Kevin). How did you see that going?

BB: Like a close call to me. I thought they threw a lateral. So that is the way they called it. In any case, the ball laid there on the ground for -- the guy recovered a kick 40 yards away so it was just very lackadaisical about the whole play and, you know, it is about what you deserve when you play like that, standing there and letting the ball lay there on the ground, letting some guy come from 40 yards away, at the time not being aggressive, it is not being heads up. It is just bad football.

Q: Bill, Stephen Neal had a pretty long period of time out there at right guard. Why, what happened when you got down to the end there?

BB: Joe [Andruzzi] wasn't able to go. He wasn't able to play right guard so we moved him up.

Q: Coach, can you talk about the football Tom Brady is playing right now, why he might be struggling more than in the past?

BB: Our whole team is struggling. This is not more than any one individual. Our football team is struggling. We've lost three games in a row. Didn't play pretty competitively today. Weren't competitive in the first half last week. So this is just about the whole football team.

Q: Are you going to work right through the week now as if there was a game next week?

BB: We are going to start all over. We need to start all over and try to build something that is a bit better than what we have been able to put out on the field, certainly a lot better than what we put out on the field today. That won't -- that won't accomplish much today. So whatever we have to do to improve that is what we are going to have to do because we can't, we don't have a chance playing like that.

Q: What were you guys feeling at half time? I mean one of the characteristics of the half time is to regroup and come back.

BB: We were feeling the same thing that I just said. We turned the ball over. We had a lot of penalties. We gave up some easy points.

Q: Did you stress --

BB: We had too many bad plays out there. We get down in the red area, we can't score. They get down in the red area, we give up touchdowns one way or the other, whether it is penalties on the field goal team or we are going them up on defense. It is just not good.

Q: Bill, was there any indication during the week or the last couple of weeks in practice that things were starting to go the other direction? Were there any signs that you could see in your experience that showed that things were starting to go in the other direction?

BB: What experience are you talking about, good or bad?

Q: Bad, the bad part.

BB: No. I mean I think our preparation and we have gone through, you know, done things the way we normally do them. I think we have addressed the problems and tried to correct them; but obviously, we are not getting it done because the same things are recurring. So that is not a good sign and not a good result.

Q: So are you dumbfounded by what has happened in the last few weeks?

BB: Well, I mean, I think we all can see what the problem is. You have got to -- we can't play like that. You can't play like that, turn the ball over, having penalties, being in second and 20's, getting plays called back, giving up plays on defense, giving up penalties on special teams on fourth down. We can't play like that. There is no way.

Q: Bill, will starting over entail trying to return to fundamentals?

BB: Whatever we can do. Whatever we can do to make it better.

Q: Or will it entail a change of philosophy?

BB: Whatever we can do to make it better. Whatever we can do to make it better. It is not very good right there so we have to do whatever we can to make it better. Whatever falls under that umbrella, if it can help us do better than that, then we will consider doing it, whatever it takes.

Q: Coach, did Ty Law get hurt?

BB: Yes. He got hit, had the wind knocked out of him.

Q: Do you have any frame of reference for other teams that you have coached that have had this type of situation in terms of what you do next?

BB: I think every team is different. I think every team is different. Every team has its own, you know, its own personality, its own problems, its own solutions. There is no two teams that are alike. So after the performance we have on this team, we will try to get a better performance than we got out there today.

Q: Are you asking too much of your passing game and your quarterback?

BB: Well, when you are down by a couple touchdowns at halftime, you have to go out there and try to run it in the second half.

Q: But you ran five times the football --

BB: Yes. Well, we just had to try to call the plays we think are the ones, the best ones that will work. And that is part of what we do.

Q: In that sense today, Bill, are you seeing this as a team that you should have been able to throw on?

BB: We obviously didn't play very well out there today. So yes, I am disappointed in our performance all the way around. I don't know what else I can say about it. It wasn't very good.

Q: Final question. Was some of the second-half personnel changes part of this process you are talking about, going back to fundamentals?

BB: No. Well, I mean we pretty much played everybody. Everybody we had there played, so one way or another they got in. Some of them probably would have played regardless of what the situation is. Thank you.

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