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Bill Belichick Postgame Press Conference Transcript: 'We have to do a better job in the red area'

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick addresses the media following the team's Week 3 game against the Oakland Raiders.

BB:That was kind of a grind-it-out game for us. I thought the players did a good job of making the plays we had to make here at the end of the game; good situational football, did a pretty good job of handling that. Defensively, any time you can keep a team out of the end zone, you have to feel good about that. We had some good plays in the kicking game. I thought [Matthew] Slater's kickoff return was really a heads up play. They were trying to pin us down there on that mortar kick and had a couple good coverage plays. Offensively, we were able to score enough points. We missed some opportunities down in the red zone, which we have to convert more of those, but all in all, I thought it was a hard fought game, like most of them are in this league. I think our players hung in there and kind of ground it out. [It's] good to be 2-1.

Q:How do you feel about where the offense is right now, especially with some of the struggles in the red zone?

BB:Yeah, like I said, we have to do a better job in the red area. No doubt, yup, we had our opportunities down there and we had one touchdown and a couple chances that we didn't capitalize on.

Q:Is it execution or scheme or both?

BB:We'll look at the film and try to figure out how we can make it better.

Q:The Raiders were giving up 200 yards on the ground and Houston put up 30 points on them last week.

BB:That was last week.

Q:How about this week?

BB:Watch every game in the NFL – what happened last week isn't what happens this week. That's not the way it is in the NFL. Each game is its own game.

Q:What went into the decision to put Bryan Stork in at center and take Jordan Devey out of the game?

BB:We just felt like we kind of needed to do it at that point.

Q:Are you concerned about where your offensive line is after three games?

BB:Well, I think if we're a little banged up then we could be concerned. We'll see. We'll see where everybody is this week.

Q:Tom Brady took some big hits today. That has to be a concern.

BB:Offensively there are a lot of things we can do better. We have a long week; got a little extra opportunity to work on some things. Hopefully we can improve them this week.

Q:That was Vince Wilfork's third career pick. Are you surprised his hands are that good for a big guy?

BB:Yeah, second one against Oakland too, right? Yeah, I mean that was a huge play. We were in a three-man rush there and kind of trying to take away any shot play into the end zone and the play got batted around the middle. We all know the kind of athletic ability Vince has and hands. He's done that before; making one-handed grabs, so this was easy. He got two hands on it. But it was a huge play. It was a big turnover for us. Defensively we didn't get a lot of real good turnover opportunities in this game but that was one. We capitalized on it. That was the difference. Once again, to have the edge in turnovers is a big key to winning in this league. That was a big one.

Q:To go back to the offensive line, is that a place where until you know exactly what you're doing on a consistent basis, makes it difficult for play calling and scheming the rest of your offense?

BB:I don't know. We're going to do what we think is best every week. I don't see where that would be any different this week or any other week, at any position.

Q:Josh McDaniels said getting away from penalties was a point of emphasis this week.

BB:It was one of the best things we did today. We had fewer penalties in all three phases of the game. That was certainly a positive. We need to play more that way. It wasn't perfect but that was an improvement in all three areas.

Q:No sacks today but how did you feel like the defense got after the quarterback?

BB:This isn't a team that's been sacked a lot. They had a lot of quick throws and get the ball out pretty quick. I think the big thing defensively is we gave up nine points. That's really what it's about. I think that's the most important stat. the rest of those stats really you can do whatever you want with them, they don't really mean much. Points is what this game is about – on both sides of the ball.

Q:Can you talk about Logan Ryan? There was a pass interference call on him late and comes back on the next couple plays and causes the interception?

BB:Yeah, we'll have to take a look at that DPI [defensive pass interference] call. I'm not sure about that one. We'll have to take a look at that one. But yeah, Logan competes hard. He's played well for us – this year and last year when he's had the opportunity. He's tackled well, competes hard, tough kid. He made some big plays for us; he always does that.

Q:Did you not have a good look on the pass interference call down the sideline?

BB:I had a good look at it. I'd just say I don't know about that one.

Q:Dont'a Hightower and Chandler Jones played well today. Can you talk about that?

BB:Those guys have had good camps, gotten off to a good start this year and they both make a lot of good plays for us. Good players – do a good job in the running game and the passing game. They've been asked to do different things. Chandler has been in coverage some. Obviously he's a good pass rusher, made a couple good plays in the running game, tackles for loss. Hightower, the same thing – rush, cover, play the run. So they're versatile players and they give us a lot of flexibility on defense and they can do different things. They can do them well. Yeah, huge games from them.

Q:Tom Brady was looking frustrated out there at times. Do you think that's frustration with himself for not making the throws or with his receivers?

BB:You'd have to ask Tom what he was thinking.

Q:Were you pleased with the way you ran the ball today?

BB:I thought it was inconsistent. We had some negative runs which created long-yardage situations. Overall, no. I think we can do just really pretty much everything better offensively. We need to harder and be more consistent in the running game and the passing game, all the way around, everything – blocking, throwing, catching, running, run reads, routes, distribution, you nam

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