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Bill Belichick presented Emmy for NFL 100 All-Time Team show

Eight rings and an Emmy. Casual, Coach. 

Bill Belichick just took home yet another piece of hardware. With eight Super Bowl rings, Belichick is adding an Emmy to his collection. Super casual, Coach.

Belichick was nominated for a Sports Emmy for his involvement in the NFL 100 All-Time Team show in March of 2020. Of course, due to the pandemic, when the awards were announced recipients weren't able to collect the Emmys in person.

With the Patriots conducting joint practices with the Eagles, the team took a field trip to NFL Films headquarters in Mount Laurel, N.J. Belichick's affinity for all things NFL history is well-documented, so it's no surprise he jumped at the chance for an educational team-bonding experience.

As it turns out, Belichick's Emmy had been shipped to NFL Films, just waiting for the day he'd be able to pick it up. It certainly beats a gift shop magnet.

While the show was airing, Belichick earned the praise of fans and contemporaries alike on social media for his analysis and contributions. Now, he's got the Emmy to back it up.

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