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Bill Belichick Press Conf.

Foxboro Stadium, Foxborough, MABill Belichick speaks to the press.



            **B:** We added J.R. (Redmond) to the injury report. He stepped on something out there in practice and wasn't able to do too much yesterday. I don't think it is a real major concern but just in the open door policy keep everybody posted.  

Q: Your run defense was really good and then had a couple of bad games their run offense has kind of struggled but has come along a little bit, during the bye week did you feel that you were able to address some things in that area or is it just a matter of playing better?

B: We definitely tried to address them. I mentioned that as one of the real major things we need to do defensively, improve our run defense. Yes the last two weeks, without getting into it, it has been a combination of some things and hopefully we will get it squared away. Buffalo has run the ball better the last couple of weeks. They ran well against the Jets and the Jets have a good run front and they definitely gave them some problems. It looks like they have definitely settled in on (Sammy) Morris as their main back. Those guys were kind of rotating in there, but it seems like they have settled in on Morris. He has got the majority of the carries now. So I am sure that they have good confidence in their running game, getting (Jay) Riemersma back at tight end probably helped them as well last week because they used a little more two tight end offense. That is something that they hadn't been doing a lot of up until the Jet game well while Riemersma was out the last three or four weeks.

Q: Is he one of the better tight ends around?

B: I think he does a good job, yes I think he does a good job. He is a good receiving tight end. He is a big guy probably 6'5" and so he is rangy which is kind of what you need from a tight end out there on the outside against those outside linebackers. It isn't so much the driving a guy ten yards off the line as it is being big and being able to keep those outside linebackers from setting the force and controlling that spot. If the tight end can just get out there and tie him up and stay on him then that is good for guys like (Sammy) Morris who like to bounce outside a lot. He takes a lot of runs inside and then cuts to the edge. It's where a big tight end out there that can cover people up is good. He does a good job.

Q: How much do things change when Chad (Eaton) isn't in there in the interior Henry (Thomas) being a guy that has played in the gaps his whole career and been kind of a John Randle type of player?

B: They are definitely players that even though they play the same responsibilities on defense have a much different style. Chad is bigger, bulkier, takes up more space, stronger. Henry is quicker, probably plays a little more laterally and Chad plays a little more into the line. Henry plays a little more down the line and Henry is quicker and can slip blocks quicker. He is a little more active in the pass rush Chad is more of a power rusher so they are definitely different styles and I think that effects the players playing around them a little bit mainly (Ted) Johnson and (Tedy) Bruschi. The structure of the defense doesn't change a whole lot but there is definitely a contrast in style.

Q: Did you happen to see Lawyer Milloy talk about (Doug) Flutie the other day and did you have to speak to him about it he said basically that he was going to try to drag his ass into the ground sort of a comment you don't hear from players the week of the game?

B: Just generally, but I think probably the way he feels is the way everybody feels. Anytime you play against a player, particularly a prominent player you always want to play well and you want to do well against him and you respect him, no doubt about it but you want to come out on top. I am sure Flutie feels the same way about Lawyer Milloy or anybody else.

Q: I guess my question is that is borderline bulletin board material and I know that is something that guys want to stay away from pretty religiously if fact, do you think it is bulletin board material?

B: Not really I think (Doug) Flutie expects that we are going to try to play well against him and I think we expect that he is going to try to play well against us. I don't want to speak for anybody else but I don't think that there is any lack of respect for Doug Flutie on our football team. I don't think that at all. I don't think anybody has said that. Do we want to play well against him? Sure. Would we like to hit him a couple of times and slow him down and keep him from running around? Sure. Every team in the league would probably want to do that. I mean that is kind of my take on the comments. Did you read them differently?

Q: I just think that is something that could show up in Buffalo's locker room and I haven't heard one comment form one player this whole year that would be close to that, but I also think it is frustration among these guys that so much attention is on a visiting player?

B: I think the whole (Doug) Flutie situation adds to the hype because he is from here, he's from Natick and he went to Boston College and he has such a reputation and a charisma in this area that, that adds a little bit to it as opposed to Peyton Manning, Vinny Testaverde, or whoever else is coming in here. It is a little bit special with Flutie you can't deny it.

Q: But your players are a little sick of it?

B: That's the way it is every week. Believe me by the end of the week they are sick of hearing about Brian Griese, Terrell Davis, Ed McCaffrey, Edgerrin James, Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison I mean you talk about them all week everybody is sick of hearing about them. I am sure Buffalo is sick of hearing about Lawyer Milloy and whoever else. I think all of that kind of goes without saying it really does. The fact that it came out and was said doesn't really mean much to me. I can see where to somebody who isn't with the players everyday in the meetings watching the same guys. You watch them make play after play after play on film you kind of get sick of watching the films of him. I can remember with Lawrence Taylor sitting in the meetings with him, he had a couple of outbursts. We were getting ready to play the Redskins and George Rogers and all of that. You know George Rogers was taken ahead of him in the 1981 draft by New Orleans and there is George Rogers this and George Rogers that and finally it was, 'What are you saying here would you rather have George Rogers? I am tired of hearing about George Rogers why don't you just knock it off. Go out and let's shut him up on Sunday.' He would lose it in the meeting room by Friday or Saturday of the Washington week about George Rogers this and George Rogers that. He would just blow up, blow a gasket. Without getting into all the profanity he would spew it out there about George Rogers.

Q: So no need to motivate him for the game on Sunday?

B: Right, right, yes that's right. So just relating it to that situation because that was really a number one pick number two pick Washington and the Giants, every time we played them it just started up all over again. Every time (Doug) Flutie comes to New England I don't think you can really get away from that. He accomplished a lot when he was here and he means a lot to this community. He doesn't mean too much to it on Sunday, but the other 364 days he means a lot.

Q: Have you made any decision about (Adrian) Klemm on the 45 man active roster?

B: The way we have handled it this week is we have worked him in there. We worked in the eight linemen and right now the eight linemen on our team are the five guys that started last week plus (Adrian) Klemm, (Greg Robinson) Randall and Grant Williams. So the decision we need to make is if we go with eight linemen then we would go with one less somewhere else or go with seven linemen and then which seven would it be and that's where we are. Whether Klemm is one of the seven or one of the eight that is really the decision we need to make. Have we made it? I think we are getting close on it. We tried at practice on Wednesday and Thursday, which we do every week, to tell everybody, 'Hey whichever guys look the best in practice, whatever guys are going to make the most contribution in the game that is who we are going to play' and that increases the competition a little bit in practice and that's what we need to do. To answer your question part of the decision will come down to how some of these questionable guys are at the game on Sunday too as we get into Saturday and Sunday. We may carry eight linemen in which case they would all be active. If we only carry seven then I would think that Grant Williams would probably be the sixth because he has more position flexibility and then the seventh will come down to one of the two rookies.

Q: Where is (Adrian) Klemm compared to (Greg) Robinson Randall who has had so much more practice time in his rookie season?

B: They are two players that are coming from opposite ends of the spectrum. Klemm's background was as a pass blocking tackle, as a left tackle, and he played tight end so he's come more from that lineage. Greg has played right tackle that really emphasized the running game and the play-action passes and played on the right side. Not that they don't throw the ball in the Big Ten, but particularly at Michigan State played in more of a running offense, a little bit more of a running league. He is transitioning from that to more of a pass blocking style and Klemm is going the other way. Of course Randall has had a lot more practice time then Klemm has this year which gives him an advantage, but when it comes to overall football experience Klemm probably has a little bit more than Greg does just because of his age and two years at Michigan State versus longer at Hawaii. It is hard to get apples to apples on that one is what I am saying. They both have a lot of work to do on their overall game. They both have some strong points. They both have some things they need to work on. Believe me Klemm needs to work on pass blocking too and Randall needs to work on run blocking too. I am not saying that that's not an issue, but I am saying that they are maybe a little bit ahead in those areas and they need to improve them as well as some other things.

Q: Is one of those areas easier to teach?

B: It depends on the player, it's hard to say, it depends on the player.

Q: Is it fair to say that most offensive linemen come out of college as better run blockers than pass blockers?

B: If that is their background sure and that is a lot of times the way it is in college. Particularly ten years ago when a lot of people were running option offenses, wishbone and stuff like that. I remember looking at offensive linemen and you could never see them pass blocking it was either run action, some kind of play action. Even in the two-minute drill behind by twenty points they still play action pass. So it is hard to evaluate the pass blocking skills and you just have to project how are they going to do it once you teach them how to do it. Sometimes it is hard, some guys have some trouble run blocking, some guys have trouble pass blocking. I don't mean to characterize Greg as a player who hasn't pass blocked because Nick (Saban) ran essentially a pro offense at Michigan State. There was more emphasis on the running game then there was in the run and shoot game, but it wasn't like it was an option offense, he has some background there. I think they both are going to be able to pickup on the areas that they need to pickup on. I would say right now that it is probably pretty comparable.

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