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Bill Belichick Press Conference - 7/27/03

Belichick: the team has practiced pretty well with each other... you want to go hard but stay off the ground and take care of each other


BB:** We're working on our double tight end running-type groups; short yardage, goal line, two tight ends and stuff like that. We toned it down a little bit today. We've had good work this week. We had a two-part practice yesterday. So today [there was] a little bit less than that. Tomorrow there will be a little bit more than Saturday was. That's the story for today.

**Q: Any new transactions?

BB:** No new transactions.

**Q: Did Ty Law practice today?

BB:** Yes. Ty did a little bit of specific work today.

**Q: How is he looking?

BB:** He's making progress. He's probably got a little ways to go.

**Q: How is the temperament level?

BB:** I think the team has practiced pretty well with each other. One thing you want to do is you want to go hard but stay off the ground and take care of each other and try not to get anybody hurt. We're trying to compete hard but not create piles and not end up with a bunch of injuries. That's kind of balanced out so far. I think it's been okay. We've been relatively injury free in practice and we've gotten pretty good work. That's how you try to balance it out.

**Q: The fact that [Tyrone] Poole hasn't gotten maybe as many reps as he would like to get, is that just because you want to get the rookies more reps this early?

BB:** I think the reps have been pretty close to balanced at this point. Probably every player wants more reps when you've got 85 guys in camp. You can't give everybody the amount of reps they want starting with the quarterbacks and going into every other position. Unless you get into one of those deals where you are short at a position and somebody gets hurt then everybody gets more reps than they want. It's hard to get the right number.

**Q: Not to compare Richard at this stage in his career to the Reggie Whites or Jerome Browns, but does he have any of those characteristics or similar abilities or potential to be [like them]?

BB:** We always try talk to Richard about some of the technique and some of the style a couple of those guys played in, more for instruction than comparison purposes. I think Richard is a good football player but there is still room for his game to grow and we try to show him some examples of how it can happen.

**Q: You talked about Rohan Davey yesterday. Is that number two quarterback job wide open or does someone have to take it away from Damon [Huard]? Is that the approach?

BB:** Damon is our number two quarterback until somebody throws them better than he is, he's the number two. That being said, there is going to be competition there, but he has an edge in experience in our system and everything else and [in] NFL production and so forth. He's got those things going for him. There's competition at that spot and there will be competition at other spots.

**Q: [Troy] Brown and [David] Patten, were they just given a veteran's day off or are they nursing injuries?

BB:** [Patten has] a little bit of tightness there. We just try to manage each player independently based on his situation, if it's something that might be a little bit of problem depending on how much we want to try to work through it or how much we just want to back off it for a period of time.

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