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Bill Belichick Press Conference (Afternoon)

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BB: Just finishing up with the Giants, talking to Jim [Fassel] and I think this is real good for us and good for him. We had some team situations out there today, as you saw on both offense and defense and in the kicking game. It is a good rehearsal before we start the preseason. So like I said this morning I thought that as well as this went that it has a good future, to work with the Giants again. I think both teams are satisfied with the way it came out. We certainly are. No injuries…the guys are coming back slowly. You know we are getting one or two back every day and it looks like overall we came out pretty clean. I think Je'Rod [Cherry] had a little bit of a sore shoulder, but it doesn't look like that is real serious, but we'll check that out. So now we've just got to review some things tomorrow and be ready to go on Friday night. It should be a good competitive game. We know each other and got a good look at it this week and it should be fun Friday night. That is all I got.

Q: Can you update on Terry Glenn?

BB: No, no updates. No news.

Q: Does that mean you haven't heard from him at all?

BB: No updates.

Q: Can you respond to the report that he'd be…?

BB: I don't know anything. I'm just trying to coach our team and get them ready for the Giants and get ready for practice and now get ready for the game…coach the guys that are here.

Q: Can you afford to lose him for the season though?

BB: Just coaching the players that are here. Okay.

Q: Where was [Andy] Katzenmoyer this afternoon, is he here?

BB: No he is not back yet. I think he is in route or about to be in route. I am not sure exactly what the timeframe is. Yeah, he should be back here either tonight or certainly by tomorrow.

Q: If Katzenmoyer is in route does that mean that Terry is not?

BB: I don't know. Okay, anything else.

Q: Coach how long will your first line go on Friday night?

BB: You know we are going to make a decision on that tonight when we meet. We've really just been trying to get our practices set and get things ready for the work with the Giants here, then we'll talk about it. One thing we did do was get our front-line guys quite a bit of work in these practice sessions and some of our younger guys did a little bit of live work at the end. I am sure they'll see more work during the game. We'll certainly play everybody, but we need to look at the younger guys with the live bullets.

Q: What is [Damien] Woody and [Joe] Andruzzi's status for the game? I saw they had the red shirts on today.

BB: Yeah, they're getting better. They are both coming along and we'll just have to make a decision as to whether they are ready to play or not. They participated, limited, in the practice, but we want to make sure that we won't set them back. When they feel like they are ready to go, when the doctors feel like they are ready to go, we'll put them out there. They're just not quite ready yet. The fact that they are in red jerseys, they are close.

Q: So that is like a game time thing?

BB: Well we will probably make a decision tomorrow rather than just wait until the last second.

Q: How about the quarterbacks, is it safe to say [Tom] Brady will get the majority of the action?

BB: We'll talk about that tonight, exactly how we want to break that up. I am sure that all four quarterbacks will play. I am anticipating that everybody will play.

Q: How about opening against the Giants, a Super Bowl team, is it a good challenge?

BB: Sure, they are a good football team. They've got a lot of good players. They are an experienced team. They definitely know what they are doing and that is good work for us. We saw some things today that we don't run so it was good to get some exposure to that and make the adjustments that we need to make.

Q: You mention how much you got a chance to go against their ones, almost more of a chance to get ones against ones then you will on Friday night?

BB: Exactly, exactly. Our first group wouldn't have gotten as much work against the Giants first group Friday night as what they will have gotten in these practices. You know I think we accomplished a couple things this week, not only working against a good team but we'll be able to work and spread it out so that our first group got good work against them in practice and some in the game. And some of our younger guys got some work in practice and maybe they'll get a little bit more in the game.

Q: Do you have more scrimmages planned like this?

BB: Not this year.

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