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Bill Belichick shows soft side with his dog

CNBC shared a video of Bill Belichick and his dog, Nike, and it is adorable.

Every player who has played under Bill Belichick knows ball security is everything. From rookie to veteran, it doesn't matter who you are. Hold on to the football.

When it's a tennis ball, however, that rule is a little different. Enter: Nike, Coach Belichick's dog.

This week, the world got a look into the home life of Nike and his two humans, Coach Belichick and Linda Holliday. CNBC contributor Suzy Welch visited the couple's home on Nantucket to meet the pup behind the coach, and the video is nothing short of incredible, showing a side of Coach Belichick most don't get to see.

"He's a fun dog. He enjoys playing ... He wants to pull out the stuffing and the squeaker," Coach Belichick said, tugging at a toy in Nike's mouth. "He likes to mix it up and get tossed around a little bit. He's pretty good with his paws too."

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Linda said when she brought home Nike, Coach Belichick didn't even know what an Alaskan Kai Klee was.

"And within 24 hours, he falls in love with Nike," she said.

Though Coach pushed for the name Jack, they landed on the name Nike.

"He could be a Jack," Coach said. "I like Jack but that didn't make it."

Despite the name, when it comes down to it, Nike does for Coach Belichick what most dogs do for most of their humans. He provides an escape, love and playfulness.

"I don't think Nike cares about football. He's just there every day," Coach Belichick said. "It's unconditional love. You just walk in the door and they love you. They wag their tail. They lick you. They're happy to see you."

You can check out the full video here. It's too precious to miss.

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