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Bill Belichick Transcript: 'We want to try to play penalty-free'

Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick addresses the media during his conference call on Sunday, November 9, 2014.

Q:How would you characterize what Brandon Browner has done for the defense? Can you think of any player that might closely align with what he brings that you've coached in the past?

BB:Browner's really bought into everything and done a really good job with everything we've asked him to do since our spring OTAs and then in training camp. Of course he knew he was going to ineligible for those games, but he's always had a great work ethic and competitive attitude about everything he was doing. Just trying to get better, trying to learn the system and acclimate to a new team. He missed that time at the beginning of the year, but he's just picked up right where he left off when he was able to return to practice and working on the field. It's been good. He's tried to do everything we've asked him to do. He learns well, has good understanding of concepts. He's done a lot of different things for us schematically and he's tried to embrace it and do the best he could.


Q: **I know every player is different, but does anyone come to mind, the players that you've coached, whether it be the size that he has at the position which is a little bit unusual or just the physical edge that he brings that maybe brings to mind anybody else that you've coached?

BB:[Inaudible]. Close comparison, there would be similarities but differences [inaudible].

Q:Darrelle Revis was reflecting back on training camp and how far the defensive backs have come. What role do you think Devin McCourty has played in the cohesion of the defensive backs unit coming together?

BB:A lot. I think Devin's really done a good job for us trying to pull it all together. Communication always starts from the inside out, whether it's a middle linebacker or a [inaudible] position. He's got a lot of experience back there for us and he's got a real good understanding of all our defensive concepts. Of course he's played corner so he has an appreciation for that position and what those guys need to know, how important it is for them to get confirmation from the safeties on where the safeties are, how the corners can depend on them. [Inaudible] Based on formations, especially odd formations and things like that. He's been really good. [Inaudible] Tavon [Wilson] and so forth. [Inaudible].

Q:Do you defend Andrew Luck differently out of the shotgun and under center? Does he present different problems? How do you judge Ahmad Bradshaw and Trent Richardson? What kind of percentage do they play in their offense?

BB:The running backs, we see both guys. I'd say Bradshaw is in there in a few more passing situations, but he's kind of their third down guy, but not always because they do some no-huddle and at times they just go. I'd say Richardson is a little more of an early down guy, but he's good in the passing game too. They get him the ball on outlet patterns and screen passes. He has good hands. Those guys are effective runners and receivers. Then the under center, shotgun thing that's something that every week I think the defensive players have to be aware of. It's true with Luck. There are certain plays that – you can eliminate some plays out of the shotgun or out of under center that don't show up in the other. There's also some carryover and of course any tendencies that a team has, you have to be ready to break them because they'll see those too. I just think there are certain things to do from the shotgun, certainly dropback passing game. There's usually a little less play-action and it's not as aggressive of a fake. The slip screens and all are usually more shotgun plays, just so the ball is lateraled out there. Things like that. Not really enough to override the rest of the situation which is the personnel, the down and distance. It's a little bit of an indicator and a factor that we monitor from week to week, but it's usually not one of those that's overriding.

Q:Is Andrew Luck more of a threat than most because he's so powerful as a runner? Is that something you take into account?

BB:Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, very much. He's big like [Ben] Roethlisberger is big so he's hard to get down, even when you get him, you get ahold of him or you get a chance to hit him, he's got good balance, real good playing strength. He can stand in there and throw the ball with guys hanging on him. But he's fast, he can run out of the pocket, break tackles. It's pretty close to you have to treat him like a running back. He's not an easy guy to get down and he has good speed. He's definitely a factor, much more than what we've seen from many of the quarterback this year, probably half of it. He's in that upper echelon of being able to throw but also being able to run, be able to break tackles with his strength.

Q:Looking at the penalties league-wide, it looks like the top six teams are the six teams with the most defensive penalties called against them and they're all either in first or second place in their division. In your eyes, is that sort of a statistical anomaly or is it possible to play a style that's conducive to winning but also may lead to more penalties.

BB:Yeah, I think it just creates more opportunities for our opponents. It gives them extra plays on defensive penalties and it negates yardage on offense and puts us in long yardage. You're right, we've been able to overcome a few of them, but they've also gotten us into a lot of trouble. In the long run, it's certainly not the way we want to go. We want to try to play penalty-free and take advantage of extra opportunities that our opponents give us and not give to them. We're going to continue to work hard on it. It's certainly an area that hasn't been good for us over the course of the first nine games and we're trying hard to correct it. I think if we don't correct it, it's going to cost us so we're going to do what we can to coach it better and hopefully play better.

Q:Is there any concern you won't get Chandler Jones back this season? Is there any update on him?

BB:No, no real update. He's been making progress. We'll list him weekly as we are required to do on the injury and practice notifications. Whatever he's able to do then that's the way it will be.

Q:Is there anything about the college overtime rules with four downs and 25 yards that you can borrow in terms of the mindset? Is there anything you take away from that rule?

BB:No, I mean obviously it's a completely different rule than what we have in the NFL. The powers to be in the respective college and pro football have decided that's what they've wanted so that's what we'll play by. I think you have to talk to the people that made the rules and all that. Certainly they've been discussed at length and with a variety of different opinions. Why one is one way and the NFL rule that's been changed multiple times over the last few years. I think that's really more a question for the league and the competition committee to explain. We just try to do the best we can within what we have to work with.

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