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Bills Defensive End Marcellus Wiley Press Conference

Phone ConferenceBills Defensive End Marcellus Wiley speaks to the press.



            **Q:  What is the mood in the locker room there now?**  

W: I think we've lost some of the intensity as far as how much pain we were feeling after the game. After any loss, guys were very frustrated after the loss. We're keeping things in perspective. We know we have two games left to go out there and fight and fight for a winning record. Everybody says it is pride, but it is just football. Every week, you go out there, you have to go out there with the intensity and the drive to try to win. I don't think that is shattered. There is a reality that in two weeks it is over.

Q: You're a free agent.

W: Yeah and your owner is a Columbia grad, what's up?

Q: This team hasn't breathed on a quarterback in weeks.

W: That's not a question.

Q: Ok, here is one, can you play the two-gap defense?

W: I think in our 3-4 it is pretty much the same situation. I'm not in the 4-3. I'm not one of the guys who as a pass rusher that is blessed to be in that situation. I'm in a 3-4 where we rush one less guy usually. Pretty conservative, but you still have to fight and scratch against more than one guy usually. Two-gap is not a problem. One of my strong suits coming into this year actually was run defense more so than pass defense. I think this year, playing full time. It was always thought that I could rush the passer, but this year having full-time access has really shown a lot of teams and showed the league including my teammates what I could do. I look forward to even next year because I'll be 100 percent physically. I came into this year limping. It took me a while to get everything under my feet, but now I'm rolling. I'm looking forward to next year and a whole off-season to plan. Two-gap is not anything that scares me.

Q: Do you look forward to free agency?

W: Oh very much so. It is the chance, very frankly, to take care of your family. The financial security you look for in any job, whether I was at the post office or what I'm doing now, playing football, on Sundays I want security. That is what free agency offers. I want to go to the best situation of course, but first see what Buffalo has to say because that is home as of now. When free agency comes, whatever presents itself as the package for the future years is definitely what I'll put my interests in.

Q: Do you ever run into Robert Kraft at alumni events?

W: I saw him on the field. A funny story is he walked up to me and I never knew the face I knew the name. And he said, 'Hey Marcellus. How are you doing?' I said, 'Fine.' I'm talking to him like he is a fan that just happens to be on the field, I wasn't shying him off, but I wasn't giving him the proper respects. Then finally he said, 'I'm Bob Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots.' Then I jumped up from my stretching and I said, 'Hey how are you doing? Long time no see.' All that kind of stuff. I haven't seen him at alumni events, but we definitely have something in common, and that is our great alma mater.

Q: They need a pass rusher here.

W: Are you all putting in a bid, because I'll take a little less than what A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) got and I'll get ready to go.

Q: The sports writers are taking up a collection.

W: You can put a decimal point anywhere in there and I'll take it.

Q: We'll put it up front.

W: No. I'm like, 'Are you all bidding for me?'

Q: We're laying the groundwork.

W: Oh, you're just laying the ground work, cool.

Q: What do you the players think of the Rob Johnson and Doug Flutie situation?

W: It is tough man, because now it has gotten to a situation where it seems like almost the whole city from the fans and the media are in this civil war. Instead of North and South, you have Johnson and Flutie stuff. I don't think in the locker room it is really a big deal. I haven't seen it jump up and flare up. It is a situation where you wish you could have some peace, some peace of mind from the whole situation. Both quarterbacks are great at what they do in the different ways that they do it. We've won with both. We've unfortunately the last few games lost some, but I don't think it should be at the expense of Rob Johnson. But at the same time, it is kind of a like a seesaw, where one goes up, the other one has to go down. Which is not fair to either. So, if Rob has a great game, everybody just forgets about Doug and the opposite happens. They need to just keep it consistent – I'm talking about the fans and media – just know that both guys are trying their hearts out when they're out there and not have to pick or choose which is better,

Q: What is the reason for the team's recent slide?

W: If we end up 9-7 and we're going down, it is a long way to the bottom. That's still a good season, but we have lost the two games, which is tough because it has been a situation where we could have gotten into the playoffs with these games, and that makes them even more critical. We lost the Tampa Bay game, the injuries hit us hard on defense, we still responded well, but not well enough. Miami just came through here and ran through us. They caught us slipping in the sense that a lot of new guys had to step and were learning on the fly. We made great adjustments in the second half. Indianapolis Colts, our offense hasn't been putting up the points they would like, but they're still trying hard. Our special teams definitely have been disappointing. I think if you just combine all of that – every play starts off one way and transition to a special teams play and that's what has been a little frustrating to see. We're the worst in the league with starting position, so teams are playing on a short field with us. Our coverage units I think are ranked at the bottom of the league. If you think about those kinds of scenarios, it is a chain reaction, if the offense doesn't get off to a good start, then they are playing on a short field and we're playing on a short field as a defense. Even if we don't give up many yards – and I think we're third or fourth in total defense – but if they only have 20 or 30 yards to work with, it is really irrelevant.

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