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Brian Hoyer Postgame Press Conference

Patriots quarterback Brian Hoyer addresses the media during his postgame press conference at the Georgia Dome on Thursday, August 19, 2010.

On his performance:
"Good. It was good to practice for a couple of days and then actually play in a real game and compete against a good team like Atlanta."

On the touchdown pass and the rookie tight ends in general:
"They (Gronkowski and Hernandez) are doing great for young guys. Gronk (Gronkowski) is a big physical guy and he has good speed and can use both to get open. Same thing with Aaron. They are different type guys but I thought they both did a pretty good job tonight."

On using all three tight ends:
"I think that Alge Crumpler has been a great mentor for both of those guys. You see him talking to them all of the time and they are really taking it in and learning from him. Camp is still not over and we still have a lot of stuff to get through. The young guys have a lot learn and mature as they go but you see them making strides all of the time. Its one thing to do it in the practice but to come out here and do it in the game is good to see."

On feeling comfortable in the offense:
"Definitely and I hope that I would be after a year. It's so valuable to go out and do it in a game. It's one thing to practice it and learn from Tom (Brady) and Coach O'Brien and another to go out and actually do it."

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