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Buffalo Bills: Lee Evans Conference Call

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Lee Evans addresses the New England media during his conference call on Wednesday, December 24, 2008. Q: Congratulations on that win against Denver.

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Lee Evans addresses the New England media during his conference call on Wednesday, December 24, 2008.

Q:Congratulations on that win against Denver. That must have been a tremendous moral boost for the team. Can you talk a little about that?

LE:It was. It was a good victory. I think it just shows a lot of hard work that the guys still have been putting in, even though we had a streak of some loses. It showed some hard work and it paid off on Sunday.

Q:How do you guys view this game with the Patriots? It's the last game of the season and you're out of the playoff race, but the Patriots have something to play for and something you can spoil.

LE:We don't really look at ourselves as spoilers. It's just our last opportunity to play this year, play as a team together, and we're really excited about it. And it's against the team that's been at the top of our division for some time. So, it's a great opportunity for us to come out and see what we've got at the end of the season.

Q:The way you guys started out, it looked like you might be at the top of the division. How disappointing is it to wind up where you guys are now?

LE:It's very disappointing because we do feel like we have the potential and the talent to be contending in the playoffs right now. But, obviously it didn't come to pass for us, so we're definitely going to have to learn from the mistakes and the lessons from this season and pull together one last time for one last game and try to get some momentum going for next year.

Q:Can you talk about your offensive line? You have some unusually large guys.

LE:I think the line has been doing a great job all year, especially lately getting our ground game going. It's been a difficult season, like I talked about before from the way it took a turn, but guys stayed together, kept playing, and I think that's all you really look for at this point in the season when you're not in the playoffs.

Q:Can you talk about your possible matchup against Ellis Hobbs and what he was like the first time around and if you look forward to that matchup?

LE:Well it's certainly not my first time playing against him, so it's not so much him the first match. Everybody just kind of stayed on their own sides and I saw him when I was over there. I know they'll probably have a different game plan this week, so we'll just have to wait and see what they want to do.

Q:Did you see him much in college?

LE:Not really.

Q:What do you think of the Patriots defense as a whole? They've lost a lot of starters; it's kind of a patchwork, calling guys out of retirement…

LE:They've been doing that for years and with their scheme they have a lot of veteran guys there that know how to play. Even the guys that they brought back are guys that are familiar with the system, so they're always a fundamentally sound defense that plays well together. They communicate well and they just play well together. They have the ability to pull guys in and out and still be successful because really, their front three are so good. They do a good job disrupting things and giving guys in the back end a little less time to cover. They do a good job up front.

Q:Any difficulties for you guys going back and forth between quarterbacks?

LE:Not really. We didn't have a controversy. With Trent [Edwards], I think it's been a learning process for him as well. He started out hot then he got injured and came back. So, I think it will certainly make him a much better quarterback, a much better leader and make us a better team as well.

Q:Which injury do you feel came as a real blow to the team?

LE:When Trent [Edwards] went down that was certainly a big blow to the offense. Anytime your starting quarterback goes down, it's always tough. Guys stepped in and tried to make plays and it just didn't work out for us. It's always tough like that. I know you are dealing with the same thing up there with [Matt] Cassel. He's stepped in a done a really good job, but that's always tough. It takes a little to get used to. He [Edwards] came back and we played well, but things just didn't work out for us.

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