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Captain America wins Super Bowl bet thanks to the Patriots


When this year's Super Bowl match-up was set a couple weeks ago, "Captain America" star Chris Evans, a big-time Patriots fan, made a little wager with his friend Chris Pratt of "Guardians of the Galaxy" fame.

They agreed that the loser would visit a charity of the winner's choice. Seattle Children's Hospital was Pratt's pick, while Evans selected Christopher's Haven, a Boston not-for-profit that supports children with cancer. 

Last night, the two, along with Pratt's wife Anna Faris, were on hand at University of Phoenix Stadium to see how their friendly feud would end. Although Pratt officially lost the bet, the two agreed to make a slight tweak to the terms of the wager. Rather than Pratt showing up at Christopher's Haven on his own, Evans promised that both would visit the two organizations, making everyone a winner in this case.

Pratt was also a good sport about his team losing, as he tweeted messages of congratulations to MVP Tom Brady and the entire Patriots team.

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