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Chan Gailey Conference Call Transcript - 9/21/2011

Ready what Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey had to say as he addressed the New England Media via conference call on Wednesday, September 21, 2011.

On the performance of QB Ryan Fitzpatrick:
He's a winning quarterback which is a great compliment to give any quarterback. He's smart. He knows when to throw the football and where to throw it. He's got a great feel for the game. He's obviously highly intelligent when it comes to protections and coverages and what defenses are trying to do.

On the five touchdown drives in five second half possessions on Sunday:
It was a great accomplishment. You don't normally get that. I don't know that I've ever been involved in five in a row like that to come back and win a game. It was a great time, but that means nothing now.

On always playing New England tough in Buffalo and what home field advantage does:
It's just like most home stadiums in the NFL with the crowd. If you play well enough, they really get into it and they become a help to winning the game. It's hopefully tough on the other team's communication, especially on offense.

On if he looks back with amusement on the Buffalo reaction to his hiring:
You understand that stuff. When you've been in the business long enough you understand everything. I know one thing, if you lose you don't stay in this business very long. If you win, people sometimes think you're better than you really are. The key is to just keep trying to do your best each week and help your team improve. We've gotten better personnel. Our guys understand our systems better. We've been fortunate to win two games.

On the high level the New England offense is playing at:
They do a great job. It looks like it doesn't matter who they play or where, they do a great job. Everybody is on the same page. That's almost the highest compliment you can give to an offense is when everybody is on the same page. Obviously it has a lot to do with Tom (Brady) and the way he runs the offense. He is a great quarterback. When you look at physical talent but he is even better when you see the way he manages the game, controls the tempo and does all the little things to help his team be successful.

On what the buzz around Buffalo has been like over the first two weeks:
If it doesn't happen in my office I don't know about it.

On if he senses the community reaction to the start:
I think everybody is excited and looking forward to it. We're in a society of "what have you done for me lately." It's been good the first two weeks but you've got to keep it going. Things turn in a hurry. We have to concentrate each and every week to give ourselves a chance to win a ball game. We're not a dominant team yet. We hope to be there one day. We're blue collar, go to work every day and our guys just trying to get better.

On what turned around from the 0-8 start last year to being 6-4 since:
I think that our guys understand hard work. They understand about going out and getting better each day. They have learned the systems better. We picked up some good players that have helped us on both sides of the ball and when everybody gets closer to the same page you give yourself a chance to be more successful.

On RB Fred Jackson and if he would compare him to anyone in the past:
I can't compare him to anybody. I'm not very good at that kind of stuff. I know one thing, he is a really good runner. He's a great pass protector and he's got great instincts about the game. And he's a good receiver out of the backfield. He can help you win games in a lot of ways and I know that there's nothing flashy about him. But all you do is look up at the end of the day and he has rushed the ball for more yards than you thought he had, he pass protected every time you asked him to and he caught the ball when you asked him to. He makes a lot of plays. Like I said, he's not flashy but he makes a lot of plays to help your football team be successful. He's great in the locker room. That's why our guys elected him captain.

On what makes Jackson good between the tackles:
He's not a small guy, he's almost 220 (pounds). He runs hard between the tackles but he's carrying a little punch with him too.

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