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Cheeseburger in Patriots paradise


Have you ever wondered what kind of cheese would feature on the Brady Burger or Slater Slider? We hadn't either, until today. In honor of National Cheeseburger Day (it's a real thing, we promise!), we asked ourselves this very question, and after much debate and discussion around Patriots HQ we have come up with our list of perfect pairings. 

Tom Brady: goat cheese
Smooth and creamy with rich flavor and an elegant look. It gets better with age. 

Rob Gronkowski: American
A national treasure. You can never get enough of it. 

Julian Edelman: gruyere
Nutty and slightly salty, becoming more complex with age. It is distinctive but not overpowering.  

Stephen Gostkowski: pepper jack
Has a strong kick to it.

Matthew Slater: cheddar
Versatile and reliable. Always good to have on hand.

Jamie Collins: four cheese blend
A distinct variety of tastes all in one.

Coach Belichick: blue cheese
An acquired taste for many, but those who are fans really appreciate its strong, salty flavor, which intensifies with time.


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