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Coach Belichick's sense of humor shines on 'Letterman'


While many of his players have been popping up on TV over the last week, Coach Belichick finally got some screen time on Wednesday night, when he sat down with funnyman David Letterman.

Despite being known for his serious attitude, Coach wasted no time in showing his lighter side, cracking a joke as he was greeted by a mix of cheers and jeers from the audience.

"I hear the Jets fans," he quipped, laughing. 

The conversation quickly turned to the business of football, though, as David tried to understand how the four-time Super Bowl champion has managed his team so successfully for so long. Specifically, he wanted to know what Coach Belichick does to rebound after a big loss, like the one the Patriots faced against Kansas City early in the 2014 season.

"I wish there was some pill you could take or some switch you could turn, but you've just got to work through it," Coach insisted.

"That was the start of the rumors," David replied. "'Oh my gosh, this could be the end of the dynasty. This could be it for Brady. This could be it for Belichick. This could be it for the Patriots.'

"And then you turned it around and like you said in the press conference, 'We're going to Cincinnati,'" David joked, tensing up and giving his best impression of Coach Belichick and his famous 'We're on to…" line. 

After getting a glimpse of himself in press conference mode – and getting a big chuckle out of it – Coach went on to praise his staff, players and Patriots fans for helping turn the season around.

He also spent some time discussing DeflateGate, which David referred to as "football nonsense."

"We learned a lot in a hurry," Coach Belichick said, referencing his internal investigation. "I should have got a college credit for that."

"Well, you got a lot a more," David replied. "You got the Lombardi Trophy again."

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