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Coach Belichick's sweet tribute to his parents

Bill Belichick recently made a special donation in honor of both his late father and mother.


It was the perfect Father's Day gift.

On Monday, one day after people everywhere celebrated the dads in their lives, Ohio's Hiram College revealed that Coach Belichick had made a special donation in honor of both his father and mother. According toHiram's website, Steve and Jeannette Belichick met at the college in the 1940s, when he was an athletic coach and his future wife worked as a foreign language professor.

Bill's gift has been specially designated to pay tribute to his parents' legacy at the college. It will be used to create an athletic center in honor of his late father as well as a reading room and endowment fund named for his mother, who currently lives in Ohio.

As reports, Bill made a similar donation to Case Western Reserve University last year, with the money being used to build the Steve Belichick Weight Room at the university's new athletic complex.

In addition to these donations, Bill actively gives back to the community through the Bill Belichick Foundation, which supports individuals and organizations in football and lacrosse.


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