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Colts Head Coach Jim Mora Press Conference

Phone ConferenceColts Head Coach Jim Mora speaks to the press.



            **Q:  A lot of things have changed since last time you played the Patriots?**  

M: You are as good as your last game. That is how it is.

Q: Your last game was pretty good?

M: Yeah, but there are 16 of them and you are going to win some and lose some. When you lose it you feel like heck, bad, and when you win it you feel good. That is how it is.

Q: It was pretty amazing what Edgerrin James did last game?

M: He had a great game, no question about it. Our offense really executed well, we blocked well, the whole team. The line blocked well, the tight ends, the receivers, and the fullback. We just executed well offensively.

Q: Did you see this coming, was the match up that good?

M: We had not been happy with the way we had been running the ball since the first game of the season, since the Kansas City game. We had not been productive running the ball. And it was a combination of the blocking and the running. We really put emphasis on that last week. The Seahawks defense is not as good as the Patriots defense, it is not as good as the Bills defense, and that had something to do with it too, the two teams we had played previous to the Seahawks. We emphasized it, we felt like we could. We were playing a team that wasn't quite as strong defensively as the teams we had played and everything worked out OK. We know we've got a lot tougher challenge this week against New England.

Q: You have a tough challenge the rest of the year from what I can see?

M: You are absolutely right.

Q: You earned that schedule, but it is tough especially the end stretch?

M: Well it is not any easier up until that point either. We haven't had any easy one yet. We don't have one, there are no easy ones in this league, I know that. They are all tough.

Q: Do you strive for balance throughout your offensive attack?

M: We are a better team if we can run the ball along with our passing game, there is no question about it and that is true for anybody. It is definitely true for us.

Q: The Patriots beat you and the next week had a poor showing against the Jets, did that surprise you?

M: This game is funny. The Jets played extremely well. I was very impressed with the Jets defense, really impressed with them. A couple of things happened early in the game, the two turnovers, and the Jets get those quick 14 points and that changes the whole complexion of the game. It changes your plan, your approach, and the whole thing. Stuff happens in this business, and it certainly doesn't mean that the Patriots are a bad team and the Jets are a great team. It means in that particular game that some things happened early that changed the complexion of the game, that's all. They could play again next week and it could go the other way.

Q: If you like football you really have to get excited about the AFC East?

M: It is easily the most competitive, toughest division in the NFL, there is no question about it. Top to bottom, every team is capable of beating the other guy.

Q: Is there anything to the thought that one team can have another team's number?

M: I don't think so. I don't believe in that, I never have. And I have been with teams where we have won a succession of games. When I was with the (New Orleans) Saints, my first year there in 1986, we lost to the Rams in Los Angeles. For about the next eight or nine years, I can't say exactly, we beat them out there. We beat them on the road seven, eight straight times in LA, Anaheim Stadium, eight or nine times. But it is just coincidence, it really is, just coincidence. I don't believe in that, never have, never will.

Q: In the first game with the Patriots you had a lot of possessions with few points. Is that attributed to the Patriots defense or your coming up short?

M: We had some problems offensively, but let's give credit, the main credit I think goes to the Patriots defense. I think it is an extremely talented defense. They've got some players on that defense that anybody in this league would love to have. They do a great job with them. They are well coached, they play hard, very physical, very aggressive, and they make it tough. If you are going to have to go a long way, it is going to be hard to get in that end zone. It really is because eventually they are going to get you. We had some breakdowns, but I think the main credit should go to the Patriots defense.

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