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Colts Sergio Brown claims he 'put straps' on Gronkowski

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski went at it on the field on Sunday with Colts safety Sergio Brown. Now, Brown is firing back on Twitter.


The battle between Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and Colts safety Sergio Brown apparently won't be stopped by the final whistle. Kind of like Gronkowski was not stopped in his blocking of Brown by the whistle, either.

Gronkowski and the Patriots defeated Brown and the Colts on Sunday night to the tune of 42-20.

Gronkowski and his former New England teammate Brown– the man who was rushing on a PAT when Gronk broke his left arm against the Colts in 2012 – went at it all night, seemingly both verbally and physically.

Gronkowski grew so frustrated that he blocked Brown out of bounds and into an NBC camera truck on a Jonas Gray 1-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter, earning the tight end both an unnecessary roughness penalty and a taunting flag.

The Patriots tight end had a dominating night blocking and capped a quietly productive performance catching the ball – he had four catches for 71 yards – with a 26-yard catch-and-rumble touchdown in which he slapped away Indy defenders before hurdling into the end zone.

After the game, Gronkowski told NBC of Brown, "He was just yappin' at me the whole time. So I took him and threw him out of the club."

Monday afternoon, Brown continued his "yappin'" via Twitter, as he put out a rant of tweets claiming he'd held Gronkowski to a single catch and that he "put straps" on the tight end to frustrate him into the post-whistle outburst.

"Check the film," Brown said from his @SergioBrown38 Twitter account. "Gronk has one catch on me! Brady's first read was not even looked at plenty of times when I was guarding him!!"

Within the following five minutes, Brown kept the Twitter flurry flowing!

"He has a penalty. Not only a penalty a targeting because he had the straps put on him!! An egregious one at that."

"Because he can't do [emoticon of feces] inbetween the whistle!! And the @nfl @NFLPA glorifies that with a IG post. When do we start glorifying flags"

"OK I get it. Take the attention off the fact that I put straps on that boy!"

"It's ok. Someone has to b the villain. I take that job. As long as y'all know that boy had straps on him"

Shortly thereafter, Brown deleted all of his Tweets. But as is so often the case with the internet and Twitter, the cat was already out of the bag. Or in this case, the trash talking was out of the bag.

In place of the more aggressive comments toward Gronkowski, Brown tweeted a far more PC and sportsmanlike comment.

"It's all good tho, the Pats got the Better of us Sunday, but we'll bounce back stronger than ever. #ColtsNation on a mission!"

Should the Patriots and Colts meet in the postseason, this battle between Brown and Gronkowski should be a fun storyline to follow, assuming the career special teamer Brown is still seeing action on the Colts porous pass defense now that LaRon Landry has returned from his NFL suspension.

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