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Congrats, Tom: GOAT added to dictionary 

You knew this was coming.


While Merriam-Webster defines "goat" as "any of various hollow-horned ruminant mammals related to the sheep but of lighter build," its definition of "GOAT" is much sweeter. Simply, it means the greatest of all time. Synonyms include Tom Brady and TB12, and the English word is of Foxborough origin.

Okay, well, some of that is true.

This week, Merriam-Webster Dictionary announced newly added words, and GOAT is among the lucky new additions. Yes, really.

Of course, throughout New England (and beyond), the GOAT is known for its wild call of "Let's go," a strict natural diet and highly photogenic looks. In recent years, the acronym and Tom Brady have become one and the same. There have been GOAT chants, GOAT masks and even real goats to celebrate epic Tom's career.

With its new, recognized place, Patriots fans can now share their favorite dictionary-approved word in a sentence without auto-correct stepping in, and we're are here for it.

It's been said that when you look up GOAT in the dictionary, you'll find a picture of Tom. And with this move, we're halfway there.

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