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Dancing with the stars: Kraft and Law

Watch each Robert Kraft & Ty Law dance video and vote for your favorite.

ROUND 1: Celebrating Super Bowl victory XXXVI (2002) 

In the first of Patriots owner Robert Kraft's three epic celebratory dances, Robert Kraft breaks it down alongside Ty Law following the Patriots first Super Bowl victory in 2001.

ROUND 2: At The Tradition ceremony in Boston (2011) 

The next time that Patriots owner Robert Kraft boogied on stage with Ty Law, was at the Tradition back in 2011.

ROUND 3: At Ty Law's Patriots Hall of Fame Induction (2014)

In the most recent rendition of the Robert Kraft and Ty Law dance off, Law gives Robert Kraft a brand new pair of dance shoes as the two of them break it down one more time following Law's Patriots Hall of Fame induction ceremony.


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