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Devin and Jason McCourty launch 'Double Coverage' podcast

Podcasts are perfect to listen to on long commutes, while you're doing chores and to stay up to date. And now Patriots fans can have two players coming through their earbuds every week.

Devin and Jason McCourty join the ranks of podcast hosts with the debut of their own show, "Double Coverage."

Recording in Devin's basement, the brothers dropped their first episode after the game against the Texans. Devin and Jason's effortless banter (and light ribbing) brings listeners directly into their world.

Whether they are talking Dad Stuff, date nights or restaurants, they keep it real and candid, as always.

Though a lot of what they talk cover is fun and light-hearted, they also tackle serious matters, as well. In their second episode, Devin and Jason talk about news around the league, including Vontae Davis' retirement and the racist comments a Texas superintendent made about Deshaun Watson.

The McCourtys have never been ones to shy away from difficult topics, so it should come as no surprise they carry that same attitude on their podcast.

You won't want to miss their thoughtful commentary, hot takes and brotherly jabs. You can listen through iTunes or watch the show on YouTube.

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