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Devin, Jason McCourty encourage Bostonians to fill out 2020 Census

In a video shared by Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, Devin and Jason McCourty remind Bostonians to fill out the 2020 Census.

More than halfway through the year, we've learned to expect the unexpected, and though most couldn't have predicted the turns this year has taken, one important concept has been years in the making. The 2020 Census will determine the country's population and how federal funds, grants and support are shared for the next decade.

In a video posted on Twitter by Mayor Marty Walsh, Devin and Jason McCourty spoke directly to Bostonians about the importance of filling out the 2020 Census. The more accurate the Census is, the more appropriate the support from the federal level based on sex, age, race and other factors.

"Filling out and returning the census is an important way to stand up for social justice and the fight for equity and to also help build the kind of city we all want to see," Devin said.

"As we search for change and seek for our voices to be heard, completing the census will help get us the resources we need," Jason continued.

By reflecting Boston's population, the hope is that resources will be redirected to areas of the city that need the support the most. While there are other factors at play in terms funding at the local and state level, not completing the 2020 Census can skew how money is directed to your community federally.

"Your participation will help make sure the census reflects what Boston really looks – Black, Latinx, Asian and also immigrant," Devin said.

The 2020 Census is available in 13 languages. If you haven't yet filled out and returned your Census, you can complete it online at You can learn more about the Census here.

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