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Did Devin McCourty just show up Gronk?


We've seen Gronk break out his dance moves just about everywhere this offseason, from Ultra Music Festival in Miami to "Live with Kelly and Michael" and the Los Angeles Clippers game. Despite all the practice he's had shaking his booty, he may lose his crown as the Patriots King of the Dance Floor – at least if Devin McCourty has anything to say about it. 

On Thursday, Devin posted a new video on Facebook showing off some awesome moves, which he told us come from his days at Rugers. The clip was captured during a recent photo shoot with Pepsi, and while we're not sure exactly what their partnership will look like, we have no doubt that it's going to be a whole lot of fun.

So, would Devin win in a dance-off with Gronk? Check out Gronk's dance skills in the video below and then let us know who you think has better moves in the comments below.

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