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Did Tom Brady and Co. just have the best weekend ever?

Many have dubbed it one of the greatest sports weekends ever and even though it's not football season yet, your Patriots were part of the action.

On Saturday, Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola did the seemingly impossible, as they caught the 141st running of the Kentucky Derby before flying to Las Vegas to watch the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight in person.  

The fantastic four began their big guys' weekend on Friday, joined by a bunch of their buddies, including former Patriots Lonie Paxton and Matt Cassel, in Kentucky. The fun at Churchill Downs continued on Saturday, with Tom sharing a snap of all the guys ready to conquer the day.

In addition to watching the race, the group saw plenty of old friends, including Vince and Bianca Wilfork and Wes Welker, whose horse "Undrafted" took second place in one of the races on Friday. 

But the Derby festivities quickly came to an end on Saturday when the guys hopped on a private jet and traveled across the country, just in time to make it to the so-called fight of the century.

While TB12 changed into a casual black T-shirt and jacket – with sunglasses for that extra touch of cool – Gronk, Julian and Danny seemed to stay in their Derby attire for the boxing match. Also in attendance was Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who was spotted sitting ringside with Tom and friends Les Moonves and Julie Chen. 

So, what do you think? Did the guys really have the best weekend ever  – or at least of the offseason?

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