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Do Your Bracket, Championship: Vote for the Best Game in Patriots History


We've come to the end of our Do Your Bracket challenge and as expected there were no surprises in the Final Four. The championship will feature a pair of Super Bowl wins, one coming out of the Dynasty I Region and the other from the Dynasty II bracket.

The title game will pit the 2001 Super Bowl XXXVI win over the Rams, giving the Patriots their first of six Lombardi Trophies, going against the 2016 Super Bowl LI win over Atlanta, the largest comeback in SB history. Both won the semifinal matchups going away, each garnering more than 90 percent of the votes.

It should be a tight battle so make sure to vote …

1 SEED: 2001 SB 36 over St. Louis
2 SEED: 2016 SB 51 over Atlanta

Have fun and be sure to vote!

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