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Draft Prospect Notes: Quarterbacks

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Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40
Blaine Gabbert Missouri 6-4 234 4.61
Notes:[Andy Hart] Throws well on run. Leaves pocket too early. Very good on short throws. Great size. [Erik Scalavino] Good accuracy; sound fundamentallly, but sometimes "winds up" before throwing; athletic; locks on too much and takes off too soon. [Paul Perillo] Deceptively mobile; Throws well on run; Good accuracy on short throws.
Jake Locker Washington 6-2 231 4.50
Notes:[Andy Hart] Athlete/gunslinger. Great arm. Good on run. Inconsistent. Jekyl and Hyde. [Erik Scalavino] Decent play-action, roll-out passer; very athletic; accurate passer. [Paul Perillo] Great athlete; Excellent on the run; Good deep ball; Drops down a bit at times; Inconsistent.
Christian Ponder Florida State 6-2 229 4.63
Notes:[Andy Hart] Reminds me of Matt Cassel. Pro style. Good touch, short accuracy. Solid all around. [Erik Scalavino] Good play-action fakes; effective runner when he needs to be; can throw accurately on the run; needs to step into throws more. [Paul Perillo] Excellent mobility; Throws well on run; Tends to float passes; Sees the field well; Interesting prospect.
Cam Newton Auburn 6-6 248 4.56
Notes:[Andy Hart] Great athlete/runner/arm. Questionable accuracy. NFL head/reads?. [Erik Scalavino] Throws a nice spiral, but floats passes too much; great athlete, but limited passing experience. [Paul Perillo] Inconsistent with feet; Mechanics need work; Has tools but not sure about mind for the NFL game.
Ryan Mallett Arkansas 6-6 238 5.12
Notes:[Andy Hart] Big arm. Great frame. NFL ready. Accuracy? Moves in pocket OK. [Erik Scalavino] Decent all around, but erratic decision maker. [Paul Perillo] Great arm and size; Gets flustered under pressure; Gets it downfield effectively; Will throw into coverage and make mistakes.
Player School Ht. Wt. 40
Pat Devlin Delaware 6-3 225 4.81
Notes:[Andy Hart] Accurate. Locks on receiver at times. Avg. Arm. Moves well in pocket. [Erik Scalavino] Slow delivery, but accurate; good going through read progression; solid pocket presence; OK mobility. [Paul Perillo] Surveys field well; Steps into throws but just average arm; Accurate over the middle; Decent mobility.
Ricky Stanzi Iowa 6-4 223 4.87
Notes:[Andy Hart] Looks the part. Solid feet and delivery. Avg. arm. Not great deep ball. [Erik Scalavino] Experienced drop-back passer; scans the field well; not afraid to tuck and run. [Paul Perillo] Good, not great, arm; Locks in on receiver at times; Throws mostly short stuff; Solid but unspectacular.
Andy Dalton TCU 6-2 215 4.94
Notes:[Andy Hart] Locks on to targets. Some ugly throws. Good deep ball. Good rhythm passer. [Erik Scalavino] Not a great arm; locks on too much; can run if need be. [Paul Perillo] Accurate passer; Deceptively mobile; Best on quick, timing routes; May lack arm strength to succeed at NFL level.
Greg McElroy Alabama 6-2 220 4.84
Notes:[Andy Hart] Smart, game manager. Uses his talent well. Lot short throws Career backup. [Erik Scalavino] Average overall; efficient; doesn't force throws; good decision maker. [Paul Perillo] Fundamentally solid; Decent arm and accuracy; Generally avoids mistakes; Holds ball low; Agree with Andy ... career backup.
Mike Hartline Kentucky 6-5 210 4.87
Notes:[Andy Hart] Great frame. Pro style passer. Decent accuracy, athlete and touch. Worth developing. [Erik Scalavino] Needs some bulk to his frame; a natural passer on short throws; decent under center or in the gun. [Paul Perillo] Good size and delivery; Shows good zip over the middle; Real interesting pocker passer.
Tyrod Taylor Virginia Tech 6-1 216 4.47
Notes:[Andy Hart] Athlete. Lobs ball over middle. Some real nice throws, too. Run and flick throws. Decent arm. [Erik Scalavino] Nice touch, but tends to float passes; great athlete. [Paul Perillo] great athlete and a definite gamer; Very fast; Not mechanically sound; Floats too many throws.
Colin Kaepernick Nevada 6-4 233 4.53
Notes:[Andy Hart] Weird motion. Loose with ball. Raw athlete. Project. Read defense? [Erik Scalavino] Excellent athlete; very raw as a QB, though, and chooses to run far too often. [Paul Perillo] Very mobile but doesn't protect ball when he runs; No arm strength; Looks to run all the time; More athlete than quarterback; Will take some time to develop.
Jerrod Johnson Texas A&M 6-5 251 4.76
Notes:[Andy Hart] Long motion. Not great arm or accuracy. Rolls out well. Bad balls at times. [Erik Scalavino] Locks on, but found ways to be efficient; doesn't "wow." [Paul Perillo] Big and mobile; Very elusive; Throws a nice out pattern; Locks in a bit but is a playmaker; Another project.
T.J. Yates North Carolina 6-3 220 4.84
No footage available
Mitch Mustain USC 6-2 200 4.74
No footage available
Scott Tolzien Wisconsin 6-2 209 4.86
No footage available
Jeff Van Camp Florida Atlantic 6-5 222 4.92
Notes:[Andy Hart] Ugly slinging motion. Bad ball. Not great accuracy. No thanks. [Erik Scalavino] Pushes the ball, rather than purely throwing; slow delivery; puts too many passes up for grabs, but can throw strikes; elusive in pocket. [Paul Perillo] Slings it sidearm far too often; No zip at all; A gunslinger without the tools to do so.
Taylor Potts Texas Tech 6-4 222 4.94
No footage available
Ryan Colburn Fresno State 6-3 233 5.12
Notes:[Andy Hart] Long motion. Good enough arm with decent touch. [Erik Scalavino] Lefty; experienced under center; can play-action and roll out. [Paul Perillo] Didn't like him at all; Long motion with no zip on the ball; Looks a bit awkward.
Zach Frazier UConn 6-4 231 4.84
No footage available
Kyle Havens UMass 6-4 220 4.94
No footage available
Nathan Enderle Idaho 6-5 242 4.98
No footage available

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