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Draft Prospect Notes: Wide Receiver


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Pos. Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40
WR 1 Dez Bryant Oklahoma State 6-2 225 4.58
Notes: [Andy Hart] Off-field issues are well publicized. Good wiggle for size and RAC. Adjusts to ball and shields defenders. Body catches at times and hands are suspect.. [Erik Scalavino] Like most college WRs, gets open against soft zone coverages; not sure how he'll handle NFL man-press; decent returner, but holds the ball in wrong hand usually.
WR 2 Golden Tate Notre Dame 5-10 190 4.42
Notes: [Andy Hart] Good wiggle and RAC. Shifty. Quick. Tracks deep ball well. Doesn't high-point ball. Scheme ready. [Erik Scalavino] Great hands; elusive, tough in open field; fights defenders at the line and downfield; knows NE offense from South Bend.
WR 3 Damian Williams Southern Cal 6-1 197 4.52
Notes: [Andy Hart] Fights for ball. Good after catch. Physical. Soft hands. Good size, quickness, speed combo. Comfortable playmaker. [Erik Scalavino] Mostly catches underneath, crossing pattern or quick screens; doesn't seem to be much of a deep threat, but good awareness as a returner.
WR 4 Arrelious Benn Illinois 6-1 219 4.57
Notes: [Andy Hart] Adjusts to ball well. Bounces off hits. RAC. Questions about feet, route running and hands. [Erik Scalavino] Decent overall, but nothing special; not sure about his route-running.
WR 5 Demaryius Thomas Georgia Tech 6-3 229 4.59
Notes: [Andy Hart] Broken foot. Good size-speed combo. Uses hands. Goes up and fights for ball. 25-yard average. Not a polished, experienced route runner. [Erik Scalavino] Uses size well to fight for the ball; catches with hands, but not elite speed or crisp routes.
Pos. Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40
WR Brandon LaFell LSU 6-3 211 4.58
Notes: [Andy Hart] Not super productive. Runs under ball well. Confident hands. Seems quick and athletic enough. Adjusts to ball. [Erik Scalavino] Like his size/speed combo; catches with his hands and switches ball to proper side; good moves in open field; best suited as a complementary receiver in NFL, but talent is evident.
WR Mardy Gilyard Cincinnati 6-0 187 4.61
Notes: [Andy Hart] Productive. Makes plays. Not fluid. Only OK hands. No one thing stands out good or bad. [Erik Scalavino] Solid all around; nothing flashy, though.
WR Jordan Shipley Texas 5-11 193 4.6
Notes: [Andy Hart] 53 games. Labors at top speed. Not overly quick off line. Uses hands. Fights for ball. NFL hands and fight, but not speed or quickness. Productive. [Erik Scalavino] . Can make tough catches in traffic over the middle and deep balls; good punt returner; will be productive at NFL level.
WR Andre Roberts Citadel 5-11 192 4.4
Notes: [Andy Hart] 285 catches, 37 TD and PR expeirence. Quick and fast. Wildcat plays. Good hands. Competition?. [Erik Scalavino] Looks the part; versatile PR and receiver; deceptively fast.
WR Carlton Mitchell South Florida 6-3 215 4.46
Notes: [Andy Hart] Mediocre production. Raw talent but seems to have the tools.. [Erik Scalavino] . A few too many body catches, but clearly has raw talent; a project, but worth the pick.
WR Blair White Michigan State 6-2 205 4.54
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments. [Erik Scalavino] No Comments.
WR Marcus Easley Connecticut 6-3 210 4.39
Notes: [Andy Hart] SR breakout. Adjusts to ball. Solid. Uses hands. Fights for ball and made plays evne with suspect QB play. Not overly quick. [Erik Scalavino] . Has the size, speed, hands; developmental project.
WR Mike Williams Syracuse 6-2 221 4.53
Notes: [Andy Hart] Missed year academics, kicked off team/quit. Fights for balls. High points ball and makes plays. Good talent but not worth the trouble. [Erik Scalavino] . Problem child off the field; unlike the above Mitchell, probably not worth the investment, despite the talent.
WR Jeremy Williams Tulane 6-0 206 4.59
Notes: [Andy Hart] KOR and end arounds. Good production. Snatches ball from air at times, but lacks soft hands. Decent route runner and good enough speed. [Erik Scalavino] . Great hands and makes every catch with his hands, not his body; KR ability; fundamentally sound. Good developmental prospect.
WR Jacoby Ford Clemson 5-9 186 4.22-.37
Notes: [Andy Hart] Scary fast. Versatile WR/RB/PR/QB. Slippery. Fast. Makes plays, Not great hands. Adjusts to ball. Route running needs work. Faster than he is quick. [Erik Scalavino] . Shifty little slot guy with amazing speed and return skills.
WR Riley Cooper Florida 6-4 222 4.53
Notes: [Andy Hart] Speed? Breakout SR year. Good sized athlete, not great hands. [Erik Scalavino] . Big, physical, athletic, average speed; like him as a mid-rounder.
WR Freddie Barnes Bowling Green 6-0 212 4.56
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments. [Erik Scalavino] No Comments.
WR Taylor Price Ohio 6-0 198 4.36
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments. [Erik Scalavino] No Comments.
WR Seyi Ajirotutu Fresno State 6-3 211 4.56
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments. [Erik Scalavino] No Comments.
WR Dezmon Briscoe Kansas 6-2 207 4.66
Notes: [Andy Hart] Not quick. Good vision for RAC. Can make catch with decent hands. Confident. . [Erik Scalavino] . Gets open vs. soft coverage; decent hands, pedestrian speed.
WR Eric Decker Minnesota 6-3 215 4.54
Notes: [Andy Hart] Great hands, confident. Foot injury. [Erik Scalavino] . Limited footage; foot injury still a concern; solid overall, though.
WR Antonio Brown Central Michigan 5-10 182 4.42
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments. [Erik Scalavino] No Comments.
WR Pat Simonds Colgate 6-5 229 4.58
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments. [Erik Scalavino] No Comments.
WR Naaman Roosevelt Buffalo 6-0 190 4.57
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments. [Erik Scalavino] No Comments.
WR Chris Bell Norfolk State 6-2 210 4.54
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments. [Erik Scalavino] . Limited footage; very raw talent.
WR Emmanuel Sanders SMU 5-11 182 4.4
Notes: [Andy Hart] Quickness, production, punt returner. [Erik Scalavino] No Comments.
WR Danario Alexander Missouri 6-5 215 4.62
Notes: [Andy Hart] Knee injury. Skinny TE type. Not quick or fast. Body catches too much. [Erik Scalavino] . Intriguing size, OK hands; not a blazer, but decent football speed.
WR Chris McGaha Arizona St. 6-1 201 4.52
Notes: [Andy Hart] Solid but not spectacular. Overacheiver. Precise route runner. Uses hands and goes after ball. [Erik Scalavino] . Very limited footage, but seems to be fundamentally sound overall.
WR Shay Hodge Mississippi 6-1 209 4.62
Notes: [Andy Hart] Fights for plays. Decent FB speed. Adjusts to ball. Uses body to shield DB. Not elite hands. [Erik Scalavino] . Makes tough catches; solid player, nothing special.
WR Alric Arnett West Virgninia 6-2 188 4.52
Notes: [Andy Hart] Not quick. Deep threat. Makes plays and fights for ball. [Erik Scalavino] . Good at everything, great at nothing.
WR Verran Tucker West Virgninia 6-2 200 4.64
Notes: [Andy Hart] Not ton of production. Skinny. Adjusts to ball and uses hands. Takes big hits. Labors running. Not smooth. Possession guy. [Erik Scalavino] . Takes tough hits over the middle; decent hands; route-running needs work.
WR Brandon Banks Kansas State 5-7 149 4.37
Notes: [Andy Hart] KOR. Good production. Tiny but pretty electric. Has an extra gear. Not much of route runner. Questionable hands. [Erik Scalavino] . Speed demon with OK hands; good vision on returns; not much of a WR.
WR Trindon Holliday LSU 5-5 166 4.21
Notes: [Andy Hart] Only 7 catches. Return guy. Fast and quick. [Erik Scalavino] . Like Banks, a kick return specialist (some reverses as well); a track star, for sure. NFL, though, a question mark.
WR Damola Adeniji Oregon St. 6-3 215 4.57*
Notes: [Andy Hart] Tall. Decent build. Uses hands and sheilds defender with body. [Erik Scalavino] . Great size, average skills, but seems solid overall.

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