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Drew Bledsoe Press Conf.

Foxboro Stadium - Foxborough, MADrew Bledsoe speaks to the press.



            **Q:  Are you as anxious to see J.R. Redmond as everybody else?**  

D: Yes, I am going to be very interested to see what J.R. can do. You get a guy out at practice; you don't get a feel for what a guy has got. So far, he appears intelligent enough to play the position, he knows where to be and what to do which is the first thing he has to do. If he doesn't know who to block in his pass protection than he can't get on the field. He's done a good job with that stuff, but now we need to get him on the field and see what can do.

Q: Where do you feel in your own confidence level and your comfort level?

D: I'm ready to go. I'm excited about it. At this point in my career sometimes it is hard to get up for the exhibition games, but this one I'm up for. I know that we're opening the season against these guys and if we can put together a good performance, than we can have a slight advantage going into the regular season. I'm excited about the season. I'm ready to go.

Q: Are people being too critical of preseason performances?

D: It depends on who is talking. If it is my coach or if it is me then it means something. It is obvious that the turnovers are unacceptable. It is the same all of the time. It is 100 percent my responsibility for each turnover well, ultimately, but there are other things that come into play there. The thing that I am disappointed about to this point in the exhibition season is our third down conversions. We haven't converted them. There are a lot of things that go into that. First and foremost, if you get yourself into a shorter third down situation then you have a lot better chance of picking it up obviously, but there will be points where we will get ourselves into those third and long situations and we're just going to have to pick them up. Where it is third and 10, third and 12, third and 14 we're going to have to make some plays and pick them up. We haven't done that to this point in the exhibition season and that's something we're going to have to get straightened out.

Q: How comfortable are you in the new offensive system?

D: The terminology has come back rather quickly. When you step into a new system that is the number one thing. You have to learn and become comfortable with the language and that has come pretty quick partly because of the familiarity I had going back four years ago. As far as what we're trying to do, what we're trying to attack, we're getting close. I think this week, and with the short week next week, we're going to move a lot closer to fine tuning exactly how we're going to use our personnel. To this point, to a large extent we've been using a little bit of this, and a little bit of that to find out exactly what works and I think we're now moving closer to determining which things we're going to use and which things we aren't. With Vincent Brisby gone, that changes things and shuffles things around a little bit, so we have to adjust to that as well.

Q: Are you comfortable with the wide receiver personnel?

D: I am. The only guy that I haven't played with for a long time is Tony Simmons. Obviously Chris Calloway is new and I don't really know him yet, but Tony is going to see a lot more action this year and he is going to be expected to make plays for me. With Troy (Brown) and Terry (Glenn) I have two guys that I'm extremely comfortable with. Guys that I have played with for a long time and guys that I have total confidence in.

Q: What's your comfort level using the shotgun formation?

D: We're going to do it. We're going to use the shotgun until it becomes a problem. It has been a problem so far this preseason. We're going to continue to use it in the next two preseason games and I would imagine that if we can get through the next two games without any bad shotgun snaps, then we'll use it in the regular season. If we have some problems in the next two preseason games you will not see it.

Q: Do you like the shotgun?

D: I'd prefer to be back there in the shotgun when we are in passing situations. I think that it gives me a little more separation from the rush and it gives me a little bit more time to look things over and improve my field of vision. So, it is something that we need to be able to do, but we are not going to do it at the expense of risking turnovers.

Q: Is that a new feeling towards the shotgun because it seemed like in years past you weren't too comfortable?

D: When I was younger I wasn't comfortable with it, I hadn't done it enough and it wasn't something that I did in high school or in college. In my first couple of years in the league it wasn't something that I was extremely confident with, but now after the past three or four years using the shotgun it is something that I like.

Q: One of the things that a quarterback serves as is the lead actor in the offense and the people around them, the supporting actors are more sensitive than probably anybody on the team. That being the case do you take a special interest in Patrick Pass and J.R. Redmond and all these guys. I know you are not going to reveal how you feel about each guy's progress, but you are certainly sensitive to their progress and what they can do for you to make you a better player?

D: The way I approach it is the guys that I am concerned about are the guys that I've played with and the guys that I am going to play with. So, right now at the running back spot that's Kevin Faulk and Raymont Harris. Those are the guys that I've seen at halfback and those are the guys that we are looking at playing the season with. Now if that changes, if J.R. comes in and shows some flashes of brilliance or something and he gets into that mix then I will concern myself with him, but to this point right now it's just Raymont and Kevin that I am concerned with at the halfback position.

Q: You said you were familiar with Terry (Glenn) and Troy Brown, is it fair to say that given the offensive alignment with the running back situation, is this kind of uncharted territory for you and for all of us that you really don't know what to expect here?

D: I know what I expect. I can only tell you that and what I expect is for us to be explosive. I expect us for us to score points on people. In order to do that we are going to have to have some individuals make some good plays for us and we are going to have to be very consistent in our passing game. What I mean by that is that we are going to have to start picking up third downs, we are going to have to start making those plays and also when we have a chance to go for the big play we are going to have to hit it, but as far as my expectations, I expect us to score points. I think we have got enough talent that we can move the ball on anybody and put the ball in the end zone against anybody and that is what I expect.

Q: Is that wishing and hoping or is that based…

B: No that is what I expect to happen. Anything less than that is going to be a disappointment to me and a surprise to me.

Q: You are playing a team this weekend that you are going to play again in two weeks. Bill called it a little bit of a cat and mouse game as to what you show and don't show. Does this cause any real interruption in your preparation because you can't really show everything you've got to do or is it a unique situation?

D: You always end up with that situation to a certain extent in the preseason regardless of whether you are playing a team that you are going to play in the opener or a team that you are not going to play at all during the season because everything you do ends up on film and everyone that you play sees it. Even though it is Tampa and we are going to see them in a few weeks when the games start to count, it doesn't really change the approach that much from another preseason game. If we were playing somebody that we don't play this regular season we would still be approaching it in a similar fashion because you don't want to show your whole hand regardless of who you are playing.

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