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Edelman: 'I was in Coach Belichick's doghouse for six years'

Robert Nkemdiche, DT - The rookie defensive lineman was a star in college and an interesting draft pick in terms of talent vs. production. Nkemdiche had a solid summer once he got healthy and could be an issue for an interior New England offensive line that has plenty of questions in its own right.

Remember that time Julian Edelman threw a touchdown pass to Danny Amendola to help the Patriots advance to the AFC Championship?

With all the attention on Malcom Butler's Super Bowl interception, the incredible trick play from the Patriots-Ravens game slipped to the back of our minds, but "Late Night" host Seth Meyers reminded us of its brilliance as Julian joined him in the studio on Tuesday. 

"We practiced it a bunch," Julian told Seth. "We had it in the game plan for the last nine weeks. In walk-through the night before, I actually overthrew him - and it's a walk-through so you really can't overthrow him unless it's awful. But Danny, being the receiver he is, ran under it and we scored [in the game]."

And it seems the touchdown pass was Julian's chance to redeem himself after being in on a trick play gone wrong earlier in his career.

"I had one play in my rookie year where I had to get the snap and sneak it and we fumbled the snap," he said.

"I was in Coach Belichick's doghouse for six years," Julian joked. "It took me six years to get out of that doghouse."

Seth might not be quite as lucky though, as he steadfastly pledged allegiance to the Pittsburgh Steelers, despite being from New England.

"I am what I am," he told Julian, shrugging it off.

JE11, never one to go down without a fight, came prepared to convert Seth into a Patriots fan. He gifted the funnyman one of his "Supertron" T-shirts celebrating the team's fourth Super Bowl victory.


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