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FaZe Banks shares his love for the Patriots ahead of the NFL Draft

Before the 2020 NFL Draft, one Patriots fan had an important message for any players that will be headed to Foxborough: "Welcome home, baby."

FaZe Banks, or Ricky Bengston, is a co-founder and COO of FaZe Clan, an esports and entertainment organization, and he also happens to be a huge Patriots fan.

\Banks grew up in Lowell and learned to the love football and the Patriots from his dad, and in a video shared on Patriots social media ahead of the draft, Banks talked about being a Patriots fan.

The turning point, he said, was Super Bowl XXXVI when he was a kid.

"It was like a big deal. My dad was my hero. That's my guy. I saw how passionate he was about it, how much he loved the game," Banks said. "All of his friends were geeking on it. Right then and there it sparked an interest in me. I guess you could say I'm a bandwagon fan, but I've been a bandwagon fan for like 20 years."

With the success of FaZe Clan, Banks was able to surprise his dad and brother with tickets to Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta. His family thought they were just going to Atlanta to tailgate and get the Super Bowl city experience, but on the day of the game, Banks showed them the tickets.

"It's probably, at this point in my life, the greatest day of my life," Banks said. "I was in tears with my dad and my brother ... this is [expletive] I'll remember for the rest of my life."

FaZe Clan teamed up with the NFL for its Draft-A-Thon, hosted on Twitter, to sell limited-edition merchandise benefitting COVID-19 essential workers. You can check out the interview with Banks in the video below.

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